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13 signs you're not ready for a pet

Osadchaya Olga/Shutterstock

Check out this Bustle article on why you might not be ready for a pet. jme, our ED provides #11:

11. You're spotting flaws in the pet.

A sure sign you're not ready to adopt? If you go to the shelter to meet the pet, and immediately spot its flaws.

Many shelter volunteers have found that prospective pet parents say things like, "Wow, this dog is way bigger than I thought," upon their first meeting, Jme Thomas, executive director of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, tells Bustle. And that's often a sign they're on the fence, or looking for an excuse to talk themselves out of it.

If you're having similar thoughts, take some time to think it over. When you're truly ready to adopt, you won't be looking for negatives.


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