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So you want to help?  

Awesome!!  There are plenty of ways you can fit our mission to save animals into your life…actually, after trying it, you just might find yourself re-evaluating what you really do have time for, because what matters to you will become crystal-clear. 


Most people find out that the “someday” they thought when they would be able to "afford" to help, becomes every day when they work with us to save lives! It really is THAT simple. 

START HERE: Watch our short slideshow presentation to give you an idea what Motley Zoo is all about!  


Click the PowerPoint icon to download and view.  

One of our youngest rock stars for rescue!

You're never too young to be an amazing human and to rock rescue!  Every donation, every dollar, every good intention goes so far in paving the way for our tireless rescue mission. 


This young rock star decided she wanted to do some good and help local animals!  What incredible generosity!  We are so grateful to everyone who helps us to save animal lives!  Rock on, Rescue on!


Any donation made - no matter how small - beats giving absolutely nothing at all.  Plus, you can maximize your impact with a recurring gift!

-Make a monthly contribution-

This takes no time at all - and yes, EVERYONE can do it. Even $5/ month makes a huge difference!


Motley Zoo's funding comes from 0% millionaires and 100%, hard-working individuals, with modest budgets, busy lives, families and more. PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU.




Consistency is critical to achieving our mission to save animals- because the more we can rely on funding coming in regularly, the more animals we can save.

Motley Zoo spends approximately $15,000/month in veterinary bills - but currently receives just $2,500 in average monthly donations.


When we can direct our attention to each animal and their needs- rather than fundraising- we can say YES to taking in animals we'd otherwise have to decline. 


EVERY MONTH, we need to worry about how we will bring in enough- just to continue what we're already doing- never mind, how we can afford that next critical care case!

YOU have the power...not someday,

not if you had more money...

but TODAY.


Don't let an animal's survival be determined by a few bucks you could have given today, because you thought someone else would - or that you aren't able to give enough for it to matter...


-Make a one-time gift-

We are happy to accept one-time gifts of any amount. This can be cash, cryptocurrency, legacy and  planned giving, or even a vehicle or other items.

Legacy & Planned Giving

Were you aware that you can enjoy your retirement income while still giving to Motley Zoo to support our rescue mission?  This is a cool way to see the good you're helping us do while you are alive, as opposed to waiting to give after your passing via your estate planning.  Learn more about charitable gift annuities by reading this helpful articleWe appreciate you considering these awesome options!



Legacy & Planned Giving


Donate a Vehicle



This is the best way to get your hands on some furry friends. Fosters take a pet into their home, and watch him/ her like one of their own, until a “fur-ever” home is found.


This is also the thing people are most afraid to do, and resist even considering for this reason. Fear of attachment is the top concern; but we wouldn’t want fosters who didn’t fall in love and care deeply! It is not a sad thing though when you see the little kid who is taking home their first puppy, or the elderly person who needed a friendly lap cat to keep them company.


Like giving a great gift to a beloved friend, so is the joy of sharing the love you have found in your foster pet.


We say it is just like pet sitting an animal that has a home- we just don’t know who it is yet that will come pick them up. No matter how deeply you love your foster pet, you will never regret letting them go to share that love. Our volunteers experience immense joy through fostering- you might just be missing out on the best thing you never knew you always wanted!

Requirements – There are very few other than:

Children in the home must be over the age of 5 years old to be considered as a foster. This is by far the best way for kids and tweens (under 12) to volunteer with us, as they are truly too young yet to be fully capable/ functional volunteers on site.


We encourage you to check out more about fostering here. Your young kids can provide other means of assistance through fundraising, service projects and supply drives, and other work done from home, described here.



If you are ready to help us, please email and tell us your story! We will follow up shortly with ways that we think we could put your skills to work - so be fully prepared to jump right in!


There are many ways you can help our animals: from sharing our message or pet profiles, to collecting funds for the pets, or even making toys! Anyone can help one of our adoptable roadies have a better start on their journey to adoptive homes!

There are many different avenues you can pursue as a volunteer - some examples include:

  • Volunteering on-site

  • Volunteering at events

  • Fundraising

  • Event coordination & scheduling

  • Graphic Design

  • Web management & tech assistance

  • Sewing

Donate a vehicle to Motley Zoo
Legacy & Planned Giving
Motley Zoo volunteers rock!
See for yourself why volunteering is so paw-some!  Huge thanks to the world Is fun - you rock!
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