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Cat/Kitten Fostering

So you're interested in fostering a cat or kitten?  
Sweet.  Fostering is the cat's meow.

We are in desperate need for additional folks to join our foster crew.  We are asked to save cats & kittens on a daily basis... and the larger the network we have of fosters, the more animals we are able to save.   Here are some common worries about fostering a cat, debunked, to help ease any of your concerns.

I don't have the space:

YES YOU DO!!  Fostering cats doesn’t require much space at all. A half-bath or laundry room is plenty of space for a litter box, bowls, and a soft place to nap. We will even provide the supplies (including food) if you’d like. Some of our fosters get creative and use plastic play pen dividers to make a temporary enclosure wherever they have room in their home. Trust us, your bathroom will feel like a 5-star hotel compared to where some of these kitties have been. Also, cats love sinks – just ask our Sweet Tooth trio!

Foster sisters cuddling in the sink (Sweet Tooth Trio)

Our Sweet Tooth trio of sisters LOVE to snuggle in the sink!

fostering cats saves feline lives

The best part of coming home from work, without a doubt, is getting to see cute, furry kitties who are stoked to see you (or, are at least thrilled you're there to feed them!)

I work outside of the home:

While some of our tiniest kitties do need bottle feeding or care throughout the day, many do not. Older kittens and adult cats just need a litter box, breakfast and dinner, and some toys to be content while you’re away. Most of our foster parents do go to work daily. Plus, coming home after work to purring kittens is kind of awesome!

Fostering Cats setup at home
I Can't commit long-term:

NO PROBLEM!!  Maybe you just foster during holiday breaks, or short-term when we need “babysitters” for our long-term foster parents. Any amount of time you can offer will help save lives! Who knows, you may enjoy it so much you’ll become a regular foster on our all-star foster crew!  You never know!

There are all sorts of ways to set up a "purrfect" temporary home for your foster cat(s)/kittens.  You don't have to have a mega mansion to make this happen!  They will be thrilled to be off of the streets and in a loving home with warmth, safety, and endless food!   

Home cat fostering setup

Trust us, even a "small" bathroom such as this will feel like a 5 star resort to our kitties, given where many of them have come from prior to being rescued by Motley Zoo.

Former Foster Kitten Peanut Butter

Former foster kitten, Peanut Butter, strongly suggests you give fostering a try - who knows, it could end up being your Jam! (or jelly)

I wouldn't be able to say goodbye when it's time for adoption:​

WE TOTALLY GET IT.  Saying goodbye to your fosters can certainly be bittersweet; but choosing to foster saves them from a much sadder outcome. We get daily requests to take in cats and kittens, and often we are their last chance. By opening your heart and home to fostering kitties, you ensure they have the opportunity for a lifetime of happiness and love ahead of them. Some foster parents attend the adoption meeting so they can gush about their fosters to their new family and celebrate their big day!  Oh - and don’t worry, we will happily set you up with more foster kitties to keep your heart full for even longer!  There is rarely a shortage of animals in need!

Fostering kittens is a heartwarming and fufilling experience!

Just think of how full your phone will be with all of those "AWWWW" moments just like this?! 

So - what are you waiting for? 

Former Foster Mama & Kittens from our "M" Cocktail Litter

We hope this alleviates some of your concerns about feline fostering.  We would be so grateful to welcome you aboard our foster crew.  We know our kitties would be overjoyed as well... as they have said to us repeatedly, "We KNEAD you!" =)  Rock on, Foster on!!

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