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Life-Saving Impact

Our Impact

It is important that the results of our efforts match the immense input of time, energy, funding and quality when it comes to the number of lives saved. The level of care and quality of life is as critical as making sure we are saving as many animals as possible.

This means we prioritize quality over quantity- however, we are still able to serve a large number of animals who otherwise had no options and would have been euthanized...actually, more than 4,400 animals since our inception in 2009!

Below are some statistics about who we help and how this measures up to a

99% live release rate over the years!

Click image to read all about the life-saving work that we accomplished in 2019 (our 10th anniversary) - including features on a few of our more challenging rescue cases and a brief timeline! Rock on, Rescue on! (pdf format)

2019 Motley Zoo Annual Report

Please use the following as a guideline to interpret the information:

  • Saved = animals that came in and left our care (adoptions primarily, but possibly transfers, returned to owner or other "live" outcome)

  • Died = animals that did not make it due to serious illness (often fragile kittens)

  • Euthanized = animals we had to choose to put to sleep, typically for the humane end to suffering from terminal or not fixable medical issues; far less often due to behavioral obstacles that are dangerous and animal is not able to be adopted. We have never euthanized for time or space! 

2023 TO DATE:


Dogs adopted: 92

Cats adopted: 108

Others adopted: 3

Sparrow, one of our adopted rock star roadies




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