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We want to know what YOU think!

Motley Zoo is assisting with a tech project designed to help unify pets and people more efficiently so more animals can be saved each year!

The surveys are for those that have pets; people who have volunteered or are currently doing so and animal organizations or any kind.

Please choose the survey that suits you best- and you can fill out more than one if they are applicable to you.

For all surveys, your data will be kept secure and used only in aggregate. No answers will be directly associated with individuals, organizations or otherwise- nor will your information be sold. You may be contacted to participate in future surveys regarding this technology solution and to be provided early access to the system- but otherwise, your information is secure! We hate spam too :)

Motley Zoo, by definition is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and beliefs - all unified around the mission of saving the lives of animals in need.  We appreciate, encourage and embrace diversity, equality and differences, believing that it makes for the most balanced and cohesive culture - which in turn, allows us to fulfill our mission to the best of our ability.​​

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