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Our Philosophy

We believe that all pets are precious - and none should be left behind! Nor should they be valued by a number at the bottom of a vet bill.


We founded this rescue to ensure animals wouldn't fall through the cracks; to provide "someone" to care for them when there is no one else. To date, we have been that "someone" for more than 4,500 animals - many of them medically-needy - with extensive - and expensive needs.


We spare no time or expense in helping our animals become more "adoptable" for you.


This means we invest in each animal with care and training specifically tailored to their individual needs. We provide the most comprehensive care because we want you to spend more time bonding, training, socializing and having fun with your new friend, than at the vet spending more time and money.


We take great pride in our foster based rescue that strives to provide stellar service to both animals and people- going above and beyond at every turn. We have always been cutting-edge, "out of the box," driving trends and keeping current with the needs of our animals and adopters. 

We aim to be the best we can be, always assessing and adapting our efforts, with a priority on creating successful, long-lasting matches between animals and their adopters. While finding your love match may take some time, you can be assured that we will confidently offer you nothing less than our absolute best in finding that right connection!


Sparrow, one of our many adopted rescue animals

We march to a different beat and believe wholeheartedly: "You Can't Hurry Love."


Motley Zoo is the Revolution

of Rescue, Rehabilitation

and Education!

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