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Are you interested in becoming a dog trainer?

We can help with that! Our Dog Training Apprenticeship is FREE SCHOOLING for you, so you can investigate whether or not you'd like to be a dog trainer- or to give you the training and experience you need to pursue your dream!

Dog training is in-demand- especially now, with many dogs obtained during the pandemic shutdowns. These dogs are reaching the age now where they need A LOT of help to make up for lost time- and their people are desperate for help.

Our training will not only teach you how to do the basics but will help you learn how to rehabilitate dogs who are in danger of being euthanized for their behavior.

There is no other opportunity out there like this to work directly with rescue dogs who are seeking homes as well as those with dedicated families...especially where you can learn at your own pace- at no cost to you!

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about becoming a dog trainer. We hope you will join us and learn how to really make a difference in the lives of dogs in need by saving them from euthanization for fixable behavior!

What does it take to join the apprenticeship?


Becoming an Apprentice
It is easy to become an apprentice! All you need to do is sign up as a volunteer. The minimum requirement is one, 4-hour shift per week (8am-12pm, 4pm-9pm, 7 days a week) at our Monroe, WA location- but you can invest more time each week if you'd like to make faster headway on your new career.


The initial training requires a minimum of 12 weeks' commitment. That is the absolute minimum before you can start the detailed and independent handling of the dogs. In that time you will learn how to keep our mission running smoothly with quality, safe care, clean up and handling of all aspects of our operation.


You will start with easy dogs and as you skill increases, will work up to handling more difficult dogs and tackling rehabilitation matters with dogs in need. You will gain an immense understanding of dog behavior, play group management and learn to manage issues such as resource guarding and more.

How long is the program?
The great thing is that this program goes at your own pace. If you can only commit 4 hours per week because you work or attend work/ school, that works. If you can invest 8 hours or more each week, then you will make faster progress- but it's all dependent on your availability.

The initial training is 12 weeks (at 4 hours/ week) and then you delve deeper from there. Typically it will take at minimum 6 months to complete level 1 and another 6 months for Level 2, but this does vary based on your availability.

What will I get out of it?
You will get immeasurable and unmatched experience which will qualify you to add the title "Dog Trainer" to your name.

While our program is not accredited, you would be amply prepared to take the CPDT certification exam should you so choose (for which you will have earned your internship hours)- but it should also be noted that certification is not a requirement to start training professionally.

Upon completing the program, you could be considered eligible for one of our paid Dog Trainer positions- or you can handle clients on your own. The longer you stick with us however, the more you have a chance to build your experience, brand, and client base through a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

One of the best things you get is knowing you helped save so many dogs from euthanization! Whether it's the Motley Zoo rescues you work with directly, the clients who are in need of your help to keep their dogs in their homes- and as well because all the funds raised (beyond our overhead costs of operation) go toward Motley Zoo's rescue mission! 

Your efforts and investment in your career help save dogs in more than one way! 

Now your dreams to save lives can become a reality- and the only price is your investment of time, at the pace you can afford.

How much does the apprenticeship cost?


You don't have to pay a penny! We invest our time and effort into you so that you can become a trainer that understands what rescue dogs need for rehabilitation- as there are never enough of this type of trainer around.


We struggle to keep up with the demands we have for rehabilitation requests, and by becoming a trainer with us, you can help us save more lives.

You can help train dogs like Motley Zoo alum, John Paul Jones!
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