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ways to SUPPORT Motley zoo

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a foster-based, volunteer-run, 

501(c)(3), Washington state nonprofit corporation

We rely on contributions from individuals like you, to help save homeless animals in need!

Monetary giving

Here’s what your contribution will do:

  • $5 = Provides one round of de-worming medication for an incoming pet

  • $10 = Provides a microchip so our pets are registered for quicker reunions if they are lost or stolen

  • $20 = One vaccine for a pet in need; each pet typically gets 3-4 total

  • $25 = Post-surgery pain medication for an animal

  • $45 = Quality human-grade nutrition for one month

  • $60 = Provides a medically necessary grooming appointment

  • $100 = Provides a basic dental cleaning for our cats over 5 years and dogs over 3 years, which is a critical step towards a healthy future

  • $150 = Provides the basic costs for an average spay (not including pain injections or mature charges)

Secure online donation form
(one time or recurring giving options):
How to be a rescue rock star - the power of giving
Planned Giving

There are many ways to make sure that you leave behind a legacy of compassion and animal assistance- not only for your own animals but for the many we are called upon to rescue from our community.


The important part of any good plan is to take steps now to prepare!


We would be happy to talk with you about how your generosity can continue to save the lives of animals in need- well into the future! Please e-mail us at to set up a consultation.

CRYPTOCurrency & Stock Giving

In this day in age, Crypto is all the rage - and it seems like it's going to be here for the foreseeable future.  Why not do some good with some of the money you've made via Crypto or via stocks?  Motley Zoo gratefully accepts cryptocurrency and stock donations!  For any questions, please e-mail

Motley Zoo is a proud member of The Good Beginning



Getting married - or know someone who is?  If you don't want to register for endless linens, trinkets and china patterns that you don't really want or need, why not choose to put your registry towards a charitable cause - animal rescue, to be more precise? Make your wedding a charitable giving opportunity for your guests!  

You can game to save Motley Zoo rescue animals!

You can game to save animal lives!

Gamers unite! Motley Zoo is based out of the very tech-centric Puget Sound region, meaning we likely have a big number of supporters to love to game!  Consider putting your fun hobby to use - you can game while raising life-saving funds for our animals!  Motley Zoo is on both Streamlabs and Tiltify.

SHOPPING To Support Rescue

Shopping at Fred Meyer can help Rescue

Shopping at Fred Meyer can now help our mission to save as many pet lives as we possibly can! 


If you haven't already, be sure to link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to benefit Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, which will go towards helping us rescue animals, all while you save time and money as well!  Win-win! 

Fred Meyer Community Rewards helps Motley Zoo!
Save some green while saving lives by using the capital one shopping tool!

Capital One Shopping has a free tool that helps people save money on items by comparing prices and discounts among various retailers (and anyone can use it; being a Capital One user is not required)... meaning you can get even more awesome lifesaving food/supplies for rescue!  Our animals think this is pretty cool!

Save money with Capital One Shopping and help Motley Zoo!
Round up your next purchase to the nearest dollar at to rock rescue!

Walmart recently launched Walmart Spark Good Round Up where customers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the change to their favorite charity. We would love for you to choose us as your charity to receive these donations every time you shop on


Thank you for considering Motley Zoo for Walmart Spark Good Round Up! Every cent matters to our rescue animals' well being!

Spark Good from Walmart helps Motley Zoo save animal lives!

In Kind giving / Goods donations

Unfortunately, due to the situation with losing our Redmond studio facility, we are unable to take donations aside from financial contributions at this time.  Thank you for your understanding and support of our animals and rescue.

Our rescues are always grateful to have food in their bellies!

Our rock star donors have donated an incredible 609.2 pounds of food for our hungry rescues in February 2022! 

Motley Zoo rescue animals are always looking for something to eat!

If you prefer giving specific items such as food, litter, toys, blankets, treats, etc., we are always in need of so many things!  To help give you an idea of things we regularly need, we have created a wish list on both Amazon and Chewy.  You are always welcome to send us other items, but these lists serve as a baseline for the things we routinely run low on - and we are most grateful for anything you're willing to donate to our rescue.  Thank you!

HELP One of our specific Rescues through cuddly

CUDDLY is a paw-some resource who works to help shelters and rescues around the country receive extra funds and much-needed wish list items for specific animals in need.  Check out Motley Zoo's animals!


If you have a vehicle, especially a van, that IS running, please email us – we might be able to use it!  If you have an old, unused car- or one that is NOT running - you can donate to help our animals!


Fill out this secure, online form or click the button below to be directed to the third-party, secure processor.

Donate a vehicle to support rescue!
other ways to help


There are other ways you can help too, by donating your time or specialty services.

We are always in need of assistance with:

  • Vetting

  • Training

  • Grooming

  • Boarding

  • Dog Walking

  • Play Group managing

  • Volunteering (click for more info)


in kind giving
monetary donatons
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