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Volunteer with Motley Zoo

Motley Zoo Volunteering rocks!

Melanie, one of our rock star volunteers, gives the Motley Zoo volunteering experience 5 stars! 

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a purely volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping animals. The more help we can get from generous individuals like yourself, the more animals we can help!


We are always in need of caring people to volunteer - we have a variety of duties and tasks for which we always need help!  E-mail us:


If you would like to assist in our efforts, there are many ways you can get involved:


Individuals and families:
  • Onsite pet handling at Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare (the Studio) - MUST BE 18+ 

  • Fundraising

  • Event participation, scheduling & coordination

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Transportation

  • Administrative assistance

  • Collaboration / Networking

  • Academic credit​

Businesses/Professional Services:
  • Fundraising

  • Event participation & sponsorship

  • Collaboration / Networking

  • Training​

Motley Zoo, by definition is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and beliefs - all unified around the mission of saving the lives of animals in need.  We appreciate, encourage and embrace diversity, equality and differences, believing that it makes for the most balanced and cohesive culture - which in turn, allows us to fulfill our mission to the best of our ability.​​

Spotlight on Volunteer Sam S. 

Sam writes: I love volunteering at Motley Zoo because:


1. They are 100% committed to their mission and it shows. They take no chances when it comes to the safety of both animals and volunteers. They invest time in training their volunteers to understand and embody MZAR's mission, understand how to work with animals, and understand how best to stay clean and safe.

2. Every time I volunteer, I feel like I am making a significant difference to an animal's life. 

3. I love spending time with dogs, but I can't have a dog of my own right now. Volunteering is my way of giving back, and getting my weekly dog fix :)  Plus, all the other volunteers /workers are awesome, genuine, thoughtful and caring human beings - and there's an wholesome work environment every shift.

4. A bonus is that MZAR's principles on how we treat this planet strongly align with my own. They are very careful in their use of chemicals and disposable products while ensuring that they never compromise on safety.

It makes me so happy to volunteer here, that I feel like I should be paying Motley Zoo for the privilege! 

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