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Get Fit & Rescue

Fitness Opportunities Benefiting Rescue

There are some fun ways out there for you to help Motley Zoo
rock rescue while you work on your fitness / keep movin'!  

Walk your dog using the WoofTrax app!

WoofTrax Unleash The Love

Walking your dog is awesome for both you and for your pooch.  Why not score Motley Zoo a little extra cash while doing so?  It's free to download the app and sign up to benefit our rescue!


With their latest app update, you can now create group fundraising events, walk-a-thons, monthly group walking goals and virtual challenges!  Make fitness and fundraising FUN!  Create a group on the app, invite friends / supporters to join and follow the progress on the group leaderboard!  Group leaderboards show a user's activity while a member of the group, so if you've been on WoofTrax for awhile, your previous months' progress won't show up in the group - making sure everyone starts from the same point!  Simply go to the community tab / my groups / select "create a group." - Just that easy!


Walk on - Rock on!

WoofTrax app information to benefit Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Walk your dog using the ResQ app!

Best Friends ResQWalk

Walking your dog is something you are likely doing already - and Best Friends Animal Society has an app to help raise money for shelters/rescues while doing so!  Why not support Motley Zoo and our rescues during your walks?  It's free to download and sign up to help save lives!

Walk on - Rock on!

Take your dog for a walk to support Motley Zoo!

"Let's do this!  I'm ready to go for my walk, please!"

Info from the Best Friends' ResQwalk website:

How does ResQWalk work?

Throughout the year, we'll announce a ResQpool of cash and other resources provided by generous corporate sponsors. To help earn money for your favorite organization, simply download the app, select your favorite ResQwalk partner to support and press "Start." We'll also mix it up with monthly promotions that will enable you to earn additional resources for animals in need (like food, toys and treats). So keep your walking shoes ready!

Is ResQwalk limited to walking? 
No. You can participate in any distance-related activity - walking, running or biking -that can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 miles per hour.

How is the monthly ResQpool divided up among the ResQpartners? 
Every quarter, the ResQpool is proportionally distributed to the ResQwalk partners based on miles walked on their behalf. For example, let's say everyone using ResQpool walked a total of 1,000 miles in one month. Charity A logs in 800 miles and Charity B logs in 200 miles. For that month, Charity A will receive 80 percent of the ResQpool while Charity B will receive 20 percent.

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