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the official podcast of motley zoo animal rescue

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It's about time we finally started a podcast!

Go behind the scenes with Pate and jme from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Learn about rescue, pet ownership, dog training, volunteering, fostering and hear the untold stories of the animals as told by this dynamic duo, who have been partners in rescue for almost 14 years. Despite the name, this is not an explicit podcast, though the content is geared for adults to learn in-depth about this often-times crazy world of animal welfare.

Rescue Shit podcast logo

Meet the dynamic duo: Pate & jme 

Motley Zoo Foster & Animal Care Director, Pate
Motley Zoo Executive Director and co-founder, jme

Pate (pah- tee) acts as the Foster and Animal Care Director for all the animals - managing upwards of 75 at a time.


She brings many years of experience to Motley Zoo - especially in regards to birthing litters, nursing moms and bottle feeding babies, special and medically needy animals, as well as those who need behavioral rehabilitation. She loves all animals but is especially soft for: “pibbles” (pit bulls). 


Pate is unrivaled in her dedication and commitment to the animals - and Motley Zoo and we could not be what we are today without her.

Pate & jme

Pate & jme - fantastic friends, music lovers, animal rights activists and rescue partners for well over a decade now!

jme (jay-me) is the Executive Director at Motley Zoo, which she founded with her husband, Bryan, in 2009.

When they got their first dog Jasmine, they noticed she was very poorly socialized. Shortly after, they saw a plea for "death row dogs" - who needed foster. They wanted to help Jasmine learn to be more like a "real" dog AND save a life at the same time…it worked out magically! They were immediately hooked on the idea of hosting a dog in their home, meaning they'd save a life- and make a huge difference for an animal in need.

They have fostered more than 1,500 dogs, cats and other animals over the years - typically focusing on little dogs with behavior issues and kittens. 

Pate & jme have met lots of rock stars over the years with Motley Zoo

Motley Zoo has become well known in the Seattle area for taking in the medically-needy and more costly animals, who are the most vulnerable, and often times euthanized due to cost. We believe that all animals are worth it, no matter the cost. We advocate for the sweet rescues who cannot speak for themselves.  

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Thank you for listening to our podcast - you rock!  

Our rescues get to go backstage and meet the human rock stars!

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