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Found an Animal with a Motley zoo tag?!

did you find an animal with a
motley zoo tag?


This means you found one of our missing animals! While it doesn't happen often, it certainly can- and we're so grateful you have found him or her.


Please contact us right away by:

1. Email and

2. Text 727-871-8844 and 206-453-8480

3. Report any potential injuries as best you can.


Our Animal Care Crew will respond quickly to get the animal back into our care.


***If the injuries are critical (ex: severe bleeding, broken bones are protruding or animal is otherwise on the brink of death), please proceed to an emergency animal hospital near you!

Here is a list of some in the area:

In the meantime:

1. Please provide the animal water in case of dehydration.

2. Keep them confined in a room, crate or box (with air holes) and do not let them out- we cannot risk another escape!

3. Do not touch or move them unnecessarily/ excessively in case of injury and to ensure your safety from a bite or scratch (as hurt animals may act out in ways they wouldn't otherwise).

4. Be calm and patient and we will advise you of what else to do.

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