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ROCK STAR University

Dog training / boot camp

Rock Star University at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Rock Star University (RSU) is training for your pet while you work! All classes are run by an approved and skilled trainer.


This program involves one-on-one, direct training with your dog, playtime, and structured rest time, all split up throughout the day. Training is more tiring than straight play, as your dog is using both mental and physical energy.  All of our RSU training classes prepare you for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing and certification, so your dog can *certifiably* be the best pup around! 


For those who don't know, the CGC Program was designed by the American Kennel Club to encourage dog owners to teach their dogs good manners, promoting responsible pet ownership - something we can all get behind!  The CGC test trains your dog to be well-behaved and calm in any situation that might arise.  This certification is recognized as the gold standard in canine obedience.

Rock Star University at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue


Preschool - 3 classes - $255 for non-reactive dogs ($285 for reactive dogs)

 - Preschool involves learning the many basic cues that will serve as a solid foundation for your puppy's development, which also includes special handling and play training.


Kindergarten - 6 classes - $510 for non-reactive dogs ($570 for reactive dogs)

- Kindergarten builds on the skills your pup learned in preschool while adding more advanced skills along the way - including a deeper dive into honing manners and impulses.


* Graduation from Preschool and Kindergarten allows clients to register their dog for Canine Good Citizen S.T.A.R certification. ($35 testing fee) 


Elementary School - 8 classes - $680 for non-reactive dogs ($760 for reactive dogs)

- Elementary School introduces even more advanced skills beyond the Kindergarten level, including grooming, handling and exposure to both novel items and new places.


Middle School - 8 classes - $680 for non-reactive dogs ($760 for reactive dogs)

- Middle School increases all of the cues already learned in the previous levels, leading to a level of proficiency which allows your dog to behave in various high distraction-level and long distance situations. 


High School - 4 classes - $340 for non-reactive dogs ($380 for reactive dogs)

- High School is held with you (owner), ensuring that you are able to work hand-in-paw with your pup to follow all the requirements for a Canine Good Citizen certification. There is an evaluation after all four classes are completed. They grow up so fast!  ($35 testing fee)

Lots of hard work and fun times to be had at Rock Star University, Motley Zoo's dog training / boot camp!

RSU isn't a cakewalk; there is a lot of work and growth involved, but mixed with fun times, tail wags and smiling fur (and human!) faces!  Woof! 

Rock Star University Dog Training / Boot Camp

Every parent looks forward to their child's graduation day - and with a "degree" from RSU, your pup is going to go far in life - Rock on!  Woof!

How we are different / what we do


We believe training is a very individualized process for your dog and no one program, philosophy or plan is always the solution. Dog training is fluid and should be proactive and adaptable, which we have found is not the case for many trainers out there.

We use a variety of processes, systems, and tools to help your dog become the amazing rock star they are meant to be. Our process involves a balance between providing the proper positive reinforcement of what your dog is doing right as well as simple, alternative information to help them understand what you don't want. It's as simple as "I like this" and "I don't like this", which teaches your dog quickly what you are asking of them.

By providing clear, black and white boundaries on the sides of your dog's road to well-balanced behavior, your dog learns to drive straight down the middle with very little stress, anxiety, or struggle- both on your part or theirs. There is no guessing and no confusion which makes dog training so much more enjoyable- and effective!

We are able to tackle a wide variety of dog issues, from basic puppy training and obedience to fearful and reactive dogs who need confidence, to extreme behavior modification cases that most trainers will not consider. 

Few out there have the experience, confidence, or interest in working with dogs that have serious issues- but that's why we're here. 

We're here to save as many animals as we can- and it's always possible when there is a family behind that dog, committed to their rehabilitation.

We have a proven history of more than 13 years of rehabilitation with dogs who were scheduled to die one day- but we turned them into the loving family dogs they were meant to be, who have lived happy, safe lives in loving homes ever since.

More often than not, these dogs become glowing examples of model citizens that people cannot fathom coming from a troubled past.


For those dogs that may continue to have some limitations, we help their families learn to safely manage and understand these limits so they are no longer a problem that obstructs their lives or prevents them from truly enjoying the companionship of their dogs.

You and your dog can live better lives through training and rehabilitation with MZ's Rock Star University program!

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