ROCK STAR University

Dog training / boot camp

Rock Star University at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Rock Star University (RSU) is training for your pet while you work! All classes are run by an approved and skilled trainer.


Training is one-on-one direct training with your dog, play time and rest time. All of this will be split up throughout the day. This is more tiring than just daycare, as your dog is using both mental and physical energy.


RSU 101 - 8 sessions for $600.

We will teach all the basics for a well-mannered dog: 

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Lay down

  • Place

  • Loose leash walking

  • Off

  • Leave it

  • Training will include light to moderate distractions.


RSU 101 also includes play time, where your pet learns to

play nice and to socialize well with a variety of other dogs.


RSU 102 - 10 sessions for $750.

Your pet must have passed RSU 101 classes or be approved by a trainer to be in the102 classes. 


In RSU 102, we will work on perfecting the basics, along with high distractions and using a long lead, so that your pet learns to perform commands from a distance. 


There will also be plenty of play time with other dogs, to continue working on social skills.

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