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Motley Zoo's Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare & Rock Star University Dog Training Program
are dedicated to keeping your pets entertained, educated, and safe.





What is required for my dog to start at Rock Star Treatment Daycare or Rock Star University Day Training?


-All dogs require an evaluation to determine where they can be placed ($75). They are evaluated based on their individual temperament, play style and dog skills before being admitted.

To be considered for daycare the following must apply to your dog:


  • Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people.

  • Dogs cannot be possessive over their toys.

  • Dogs must be current on all required vaccinations (see list below)

  • Dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered

  • Dogs must be free from internal and external parasites, as well as be on a flea preventative.

  • No dog is turned away based on their breed.

  • Not all dogs who apply to RST will be admitted for the safety of not only your dog, but others as well.


Documentation of all medical records will be required before your dog can be given an evaluation date.


Our staff has experience with “differently abled” dogs and we welcome them to rock out with us.


Your dog may be denied for behavior or medical concerns. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior or medical history, please inform our staff.

For many people daycare is the end goal, but for others it's training, reducing reactivity, and so on.


If your dog is deemed to be an RSU-only dog (denied for daycare during evaluation) or you are seeking training directly, then we can work with your pup in RSU day training unless or until they can be re-evaluated for daycare.

Reactive Dogs

Regarding reactive dogs, we do have options for them. As a rescue, we have been rehabilitating dogs for more than 13 years and we are here to help you learn how to do the same for your dog.


With a program in place, you can help your dog grow into the life you hoped for them. We have helped many people turn their dogs around to be happy, functional parts of their families!

Besides RSU day training we also have group classes (Confidence 1 & 2) that can help you be a better handler with your reactive dog!

Reactive dogs are required to wear muzzles, so dogs should be muzzle trained before starting RSU.

Video instructions for this can be found on The Muzzle Up Project or Method K9's site (Part 1, Part 2).

*Motley Zoo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.




All dogs must be current and documented proof of vaccinations is required.  Vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. Owner-given vaccines won't be accepted.

  •  Rabies:

    • We require Rabies for all dogs over 16 weeks, repeated every 1-3 years for adult dogs

  • DHPP:

    • Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus

    • We require DHPP for all dogs (8 weeks+); every 1-3 years for adult dogs

  •  Bordetella:

    • We require Bordetella every 6 months for maximum effectiveness

    • We accept all forms of Bordetella vaccine


Worms & Parasites (fecal testing)

We require fecal testing for parasites prior to admission to any of our services.

  • All dogs are required to be free from internal parasites. 

  • A negative fecal test done within the last 30 days, is required.

  • We repeat this every 4 months to make sure our facility stays parasite free.


We are able to perform this testing for $30.



We pride ourselves on our extremely clean, safe environment. All dogs who come to daycare must be free of all external parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.)

  • We require that your dog is on flea prevention at all times.

  • If a flea is found on your dog, he or she will be sent home.


Quick Release Collar

  • All dogs need to have a quick-release collar for use at daycare. This is one with a plastic buckle that you pinch and can pop open quickly.  

  • This can be their normal collar with tags, or if you typically use a harness or metal buckle collar you will need to bring a quick-release collar when your dog comes to play.



  • All dogs must come in on a leash for their safety and that of our other clients- both dogs and people.

  • Although your dog may have great abilities off leash, our parking lot is not the place for it!

  • Upon request, we are happy to provide a temporary leash to assist you. 

  • You can bring your dog in a carrier as well.

  • Please do not carry your dog in as the parking lot and street are busy. Something may spook you or your dog, causing a very preventable tragedy we all want to avoid.



  • All dogs have a rest period during the day. Crates are the standard, however, we can accommodate some dogs that cannot be crated as well.

  • Your dog needs to be able to rest quietly for that time and you may need to work on this at home.

  • You can supply a snack or lunch for us to give during this time.


Beds & Food

All bedding and towels for cleanup / nap-time will be supplied by Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare. 


Please do not send your dog with any unnecessary items, with the exception of special food or treats you want your dog to have.


As we have specific cleaning and laundry protocols, it is likely your bedding or bowls will quickly get mixed into our supplies - and difficult to locate afterward!


Special Food & Medications

  • If your dog requires special food, feel free to bring this at lunchtime- however, typically, no other food or treats are given during daycare due to the varying needs/ allergies among our clients.

  • On special occasions, we may give commonly accepted, hypoallergenic options such as grain & chicken-free items. Please note if your dog has a sensitivity to those. 

  • If your dog requires medication, in most instances, we are able to administer as directed. There may be occasions when this is not an option, so please discuss with us any needs your pup may have.



New Client Evaluation $75 

Initial interview and screening requires extra hands on deck- and our goal is to ensure your dog and ours are safe together. Dogs that cannot go right into daycare are welcome in our day training program.

  • One full day of temperament evaluation - assessing behavior with both humans and dogs. - This is a social visit to assess daycare compatibility and or training level. 

      - You should not be present, especially as your dog will not behave the same if so. Your dog will have          a more successful evaluation without you - sorry!

  • Evaluation is done by appointment only – to be eligible, please register with our PawPartner system.

  • If initially declined for daycare, and is instead in training, we will notify you when your dog may be considered for daycare evaluation testing again.


Full Day Daycare ( Rock Star Treatment / RST )

  • Drop-off hours: 8:00 - 9:30 AM, Monday - Friday

  • Pick-up hours: 4:00 - 7:00 PM, Monday - Friday

    • General admittance: $38.50 per day

    • Front Row: 5 visit package - $186.20 ($37.24 per day)

    • VIP: 10 visit package -  $361 ($36.10 per day)

    • All-Access Backstage Pass: 15 visit package - $530.01 ($35.34 per day)

    • Fees for late pick up will be applied 



  • Clients with multiple dogs are eligible to receive a 5% discount

  • Motley Zoo Rock Stars (adopted pets through MZAR) are eligible to receive a 10% discount

  • Prime/ Passport cardholders are eligible to receive a 12% discount


General Guidelines

  • All fees are per dog and due in advance.

  • No refunds are given to pre-paid packages.

  • There is no expiration on package purchases- use as frequently or infrequently as desired.​


Standing Reservations/ Cancellations

  • We prefer email as the method of contact for reservations and other queries.

  • We are busy with the dogs and cannot answer the phone. We do have voicemail and you are welcome to leave a message.

  • We ask that you register within our Pawpartner system to request your dog's attendance.

  • You can select "regular" days so we can create a standing appointment for you each week.

  • We guarantee that spot for your dog and in return, ask that if your dog cannot attend as scheduled, you provide 24 hours notice for cancellation. 

  • We may be required to charge the full day rate if you give less than 24 hours notice- or if you repeatedly cancel, causing us to lose business. 

  • The Mission Center Studio is closed over the weekend (except for when we have group classes on Satrudays), so if you need to reach us- or cancel a Monday reservation, please do so via e-mail.


Holiday Closures

Rock Star Treatment Services prides itself on being here for you and your dog, but everyone needs a holiday sometimes!


We will be closed on the following days:

  • December 24th, 25th

  • Memorial Day

  • 4th of July 

  • Labor Day- Sept 2-5, 2022

  • Thanksgiving and the day after 


Inclement Weather

  • There may be days that it is precarious for you- or us- to get to the daycare. We do not want anyone to get hurt.

  • Please be prudent about your comfort level and feel free to cancel in advance if you believe the weather will prevent your scheduled attendance.

  • If we are unable to open, you will be emailed in the early morning hours and an auto-responder is created to go out automatically.

  • Please also inquire directly if you are unsure.


Authorization to pick up your dog

  • Only individuals that you have authorized will be allowed to pick up your dog from daycare.

  • Please do not send anyone else without prior notice.

  • Once we receive their information we can enter them into our system

  • It is your responsibility to ask us to remove them should your situation change.


Your Dog’s Physical Health

Some canine diseases can be contagious to other dogs.


For the health and safety of all the dogs at daycare, we ask that if your dog is showing ANY of the following symptoms, they do not attend:

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Coughing

  • Sneezing (not allergy related)

  • Weeping eyes

  • Open sores, cuts, or rashes- especially of unknown origin

  • Lethargy or other behavior that seems "abnormal"


If medical attention is needed for your dog, a note or call from your veterinarian may be required for his return.


If the staff notices that your dog appears ill, he or she will be isolated and you will be contacted. Depending on the issue and when it's discovered, it may be requested that you come and pick up your pup. Other times, we may be able to manage until your normal pick-up time.


For additional questions or concerns, please email and we will respond back as soon as possible.

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