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Motley Zoo Beer

Motley Zoo Pale Ale 
Motley Zoo Pale Ale from Postdoc Brewing

Postdoc Brewing Adopts Mzar's mission to save lives! 


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue has always been an organization with big ideas. When we met Postdoc Brewing, a local Redmond small business whose slogan is "See life through a different lens", we knew we'd met some like-minded folks!


2019 marked Motley Zoo's 10 year anniversary, an amazing milestone in any charity's life- especially an animal rescue! Thanks to the support of more than 200 volunteers, adopters, donors and many businesses like Postdoc Brewing, we saved more than 2,500 animals since inception!


Over the years, we have envisioned many ways to help raise funds for our animals- things that have not been done before by a "little ol' rescue" like ours.


In 2014 we opened, "MZar's Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare" and training Studio in Redmond WA- the first of its kind in the nation. This forever changed what is possible with animal welfare!


It took a while for the project to come to fruition, but we desired to create a Motley Zoo branded beer from which a portion of the sales benefits our rescue animals. We believe this is a great way- especially in the Northwest, which prides itself on having so many good beers- to help bring in extra proceeds to support our mission.

The dream is a reality thanks to Postdoc- and now you can buy the amazing taste of rescue in more than 50 locations in the greater Seattle area.  Cheers!


Where to buy Motley Zoo Pale ale

A-1 Hop Shop

A-1 Mart

Admiral Theatre

Beer Junction

Beer Star

Blu Sardinia


Brigid's Bottleshop

Brouwer's Cafe

Central Market - Mill Creek #217

Chuck's Hop Shop Central District

Chuck's Hop Shop Greenwood

College Inn Pub

Cooper's Alehouse

Copper Coin

Downtown Spirits

Flying Saucer Pizza


Independent Beer Bar

J Michaels


Kenmore Lanes

Last Drop Bottle Shop

Local Boys Taproom

Malarky's Sports Grill

Malt and Vine

Mox Boarding House

New Seasons Market-Ballard

Pecado Bueno

Pine Lake Ale House

Pomegranate Bistro

Postdoc Brewery

Redmond Hop House

Redmond Ridge Liquor & Wine

Redmond's Bar and Grill


Sam's Tavern - Redmond

Shoreline Central Market #212

Special Brews, LLC

The Brewmaster's Taproom

The Guest House

The Hop and Hound

The Lime

The Lodge Spring St

The Stepping Stone

Tippe And Drague Alehouse

Tutta Bella - Issaquah

Whole Foods - Broadway

Whole Foods - Kirkland

Whole Foods - Lynnwood

Whole Foods - Roosevelt Square

Whole Foods - Westlake

Whole Foods: Redmond

World of Wines

Zulu's Board Game Cafe

If you're interested in carrying Motley Zoo Pale Ale at your restaurant or business,

please contact Postdoc's Sales Rep. John Lees!

Motley Zoo's 10th Anniversary


On February 23, 2019, Motley Zoo officially turned 10! What a crazy ride it has been and how far we have come.

First, we had to come up with a name. "Motley Zoo" had been bouncing around in the founders' heads for a while, but all of the original 7 on the board were encouraged to come up with names, slogans, and possible logos.


While many were great, everyone LOVED Motley Zoo and we knew this would be one of the best decisions we could make. It set our unique brand in motion- and laid the groundwork for the rock and roll path we've taken...a road different from all others.

Before we committed to taking in any animals, we collected $2,500 funds from friends and family. We did a lot of paperwork, including applying for our 501c3 status from the IRS- no small feat. This alone can take more than a year for some organizations- and often require many amendments and revisions.

We set a budget of $1500/ animal- which we knew would be generous, however, in the event of an emergency, we knew that would go fast. We set up our website and waited for our first case.

We knew "if we built it they would come" and indeed, quickly we picked up our first dog, Chase. He was a spunky terrier mix who was sweet and quirky. We didn't have him for long before we were asked to take in more animals.

We also made appointments with some local shelters to introduce ourselves and to help build a solid relationship with the organizations we knew we'd be working closet with to support the animals in need.


It wasn't long before we had adopted out 5 then 10, then 50 animals! We adapted the budget to better adjust for a more realistic estimate of $750 and we didn't spend money we didn't have. It was very important that if we were to do this, it had to be self-sufficient. Between adoption donations to help recoup costs and accepting donations, we had to make ends meet.

This is exceptionally hard to do when you're talking about animals waiting and hoping you will save their lives- but we knew we couldn't help the next animal until we'd fully served the ones we had to the best of our ability. This is where many rescues go wrong and get into financial trouble- so we vowed never to forget this in our efforts to save more animals. We had to stay focused that to save any, we had to efficiently and wisely save some first.

By the end of that year, we'd rescued 83 animals! This was much more than we'd anticipated- and we set a goal to double that the next year- which we also did. Somehow this crazy idea was working, we were doing good, saving lives and able to keep it all in motion- emotionally and financially, both of which are serious feats.


It was never about the numbers to us though- it's always been about the quality of care; how we can do the absolute best for the animals we serve and by doing so, how we also best serve the people we were adopting to.

We also know the importance and value of the people who work with us- the fosters, volunteers and other supporters that make this mission possible. We strive to provide a fun, rewarding and empowering experience with our crew and the community- so that we can inspire and recruit many more people with our vision to provide a better world for animals of all kinds.

This organization is truly a badge of so much blood, sweat and tears from16-hour days, 100-hour work weeks (unpaid) for many years in a row. Our limits have been tested and pushed beyond any boundary we ever thought possible- and they continue to be tested daily. Rescue can be such thankless work...that is until we see those furry faces in the arms of smiling, happy families so thrilled to take them home...this time FOREVER.

We are so proud of how much we have accomplished- and the future's still wide open for what we are able to do going forward! We hope you will join us- because no matter what you think, EVERYONE can rescue. 

Find out how YOU can save lives- without land or a million dollars. Everything our crew has done has been without both...we are average people who each do a little to help- finding a way to do it, rather than focusing on all the ways we "can't".


We are not magic- but YOU ARE when you DO ANYTHING to support our mission to save lives!

Where to buy
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