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Your music can save animal lives!

Tell me what this is all about!

Rock Stars, Musicians & Motley Zoo go hand-in-hand!

Have you ever wondered if your music could give back to the community in some way?  Are you passionate about animals like we are?  

Don't miss out! You need to be on web3!

  • More meaningful fan engagement

  • Create a new, passive revenue stream

  • No extra effort or cost

  • Reward your most loyal supporters


You can support Motley Zoo's critical mission to SAVE ANIMAL LIVES (without changing anything)!

  • Traditional / current distribution remains

  • Blockchain exclusivity only

  • Gala donates a % of their proceeds to Motley Zoo

   (You can choose to donate, but it isn't required)

Gala Music + Motley Zoo - jme & Snoop Dogg!
Your music can save animals like our Tomato Litter of kitties!
Your music can save animals like our Sandman Litter of pups!

Thank you!  

You Rock!!

Our roadies love going backstage for their very own meet & greets!
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