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"Giving is not just about making a donation - it's about making a difference." - Kathy Calvin

Giving Tuesday 2022 is November 29th!

Motley Zoo is committed to saving animals, believing that each is more valuable than any number at the bottom of a veterinary bill.

But this year has pushed our budget to the limits with a high number of critical, urgent cases, in addition to the recent devastating news that we are losing our studio building in Redmond, effectively ending our year-round fundraising dog daycare and training programs.  This has made Giving Tuesday 2022 the most critical in our history. 

We must raise at least $50,000 to ensure we can continue to care for the most precious of creatures who are relying on us for a second chance.

Give now to save lives - the vulnerable animals are counting on you for a second chance at life.

Giving Tuesday - give for Motley Zoo Animal Rescue!

Rescue never stops. We won't either.

Despite the crazy ups and downs of 2022, we have saved over 360 animals to date! 

Who will benefit most from your donations?

Count Chochula was rescued from an overcrowded shelter

Without the love and support of rock stars like you, beautiful kitties like our beloved Count Chocula might end up stuck in an overcrowded animal shelter without the capacity for his care.  He could potentially have ended up on a shelter's euthanasia list, as opposed to in his warm, forever home, where he now lives thanks to Motley Zoo!  Rescue saves so many lives!

Animals in desperate need.

Motley Zoo is the go to resource for animals with extensive and expensive medical needs.


Shelters don't have the capacity to take on specialized care that falls "outside the norm"- but that's exactly what we are here to do...

However, we need funding to support this kind of exceptional care...


You can help us hit our goal of $50,000 to make our mission possible!

Does your employer match charitable giving?

Matching funds = more animals we can save! 

Gee is a prime example of why backyard breeders are terrible. He was living in wretched conditions, literally being trampled by all of the other dogs in the pen.  He's come a long way and endured so much in his first year of life.  Now he is recovering from his emergency surgery, is living his best life with his brother in their foster home, and  is ready for his forever home.

Gerard "Gee" Way the Rescue Puppy

Give to save the lives of animals like adoptable Gerard "Gee" Way


Gerard "Gee" Way came to us with his brother, Frank Iero, from a disgusting backyard breeder situation - where they were literally being trampled on due to poor, inadequated living conditions.

Not only were Gee's front legs badly damaged at a young age, he ended up with fluid in his lungs, causing him not to be able to breathe correctly, and we ended up having to rush him to the ER, with his foster driving with him laying across her chest, just so he would stay calm and breathe to the best of his ability!


Gee needed emergency care and surgery to the tune of  $15,000, just to get back on his feet!

While expensive, Gee needed this care to live a normal life - and we couldn't let anything stop us from making that a reality.


We support those in greatest need- animals who deserve to live, no matter how extensive their care. If we can fix them, we must. 

YOU make such miracles happen!

Save the Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2022!

Give to save lives like little Elise!

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." 

            - Mother Theresa

So... what are you waiting for? 
The animals need you today!

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