"Giving is not just about making a donation - it's about making a difference." - Kathy Calvin

Giving Tuesday 2021 is November 30!

Help us raise $50,000 for the animals -
and you can win too!

Motley Zoo is committed to saving animals, believing that each is more valuable than any number at the bottom of a veterinary bill.

But this year has pushed our budget to the limits with a number of critical, urgent cases. 

We must raise at least $50,000 to ensure we can continue to care for the most precious of creatures who are relying on us for a second chance.

Act now to save lives - and to win prizes as well! 


Rescue never stops. We won't either.

Despite the immense challenges of 2021, we have saved over 424 animals to date! 

Who will benefit most from your donations?


WIthout YOU, April May wouldn't have a chance! She and her brother were found on the streets, cold and sickly. With around the clock bottle feeding, she and her brother are nearly ready to find love with a forever family.

Animals in desperate need.

Motley Zoo is the go to resource for animals with extensive and expensive medical needs.


Shelters don't have the capacity to take on specialized care that falls "outside the norm"- but that's exactly what we are here to do...

However, we need funding to support this kind of exceptional care...


You can help us hit our goal of $50,000 to make our mission possible!

Does your employer match charitable giving?

Matching funds = more animals we can save! 

Oz had surgery on both front legs to mend old breaks that were causing pain. Now he is happy and pain free- and ready for a new home.

pic 02_edited.jpg

Give to save the lives of animals like adoptable "Oz"


Daniel "Oz" Osbourne cam to us at just 4 months old with crooked front legs that had been broken and allowed to set improperly.


This caused him significant pain and would have forever impacted his growth and development had we not stepped in.


Oz needed TWO surgeries totaling $14,000 to get back on his feet!

While expensive, Oz needed this care to live a normal life- and we couldn't let anything stop us from making that a reality.


We support those in greatest need- animals who deserve to live, no matter how extensive their care. If we can fix them, we must. 

YOU make such miracles happen!

Save the Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2021!

What kind of fundraiser would it be without PRIZES?!

You could win an original, one-of-a-kind watercolor portrait of your pet!!  Courtesy of the supremely-talented Marcelo Prieto

  • ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR of a pet of donor's choice from Marcelo Prieto

  • $500 Amazon gift card

  • Signed copy of "Found Dogs" by Elise Lufkin

  • Apparel from mzbehindtheseamz.com

Win a heartwarming book of dog "tails", signed by the author, Elise Lufkin!


When you donate to Motley Zoo on Giving Tuesday via our secure online donation page, you will be entered to win super-awesome prizes! 

See our "How to Win" section below for more details on prizes!!

Win MZAR-branded gear and other awesome designs that rock rescue from mzbehindtheseamz.com!

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"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." 

            - Mother Theresa

So... what are you waiting for? 
The animals need you today!

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Motley Zoo Animal Rescue