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Tips for your fundraising page

How to raise funds easily (and successfully!)

There are very simple things you can do to make your fundraiser a success! Please keep these relatively-simple rules in mind:

1. People give to people -
not to a cause.

People you know will give to YOUR fundraiser to support YOU.

YOU are what they care about -

not Motley Zoo!

3. The number one reason people don't give is because they aren't asked.

People hate asking for money, but why?  You volunteer, support and have passion for MZ's mission, why would you be embarrassed or scared to share that with your world?  It's part of your life and who you are.


Be proud of that and ASK. They will either give or they won't - but they definitely won't do anything if you never ask.

Motley Zoo rock star alum Corey Taylor!

2. Do not decide for your friends and family whether or not they will give.

Again, your people will give to YOU, not to the cause; and if you think about it, leaving anyone out is really insulting - to automatically think the worst of those you know? They should be happy to support you - and most will be.

4. People don't stop giving when you are close to reaching your goal - so consider never quite hitting it.

People want to be a part of success. Give them a reason to and people will keep giving to help get you there!


No one will be angry with you for being more successful than you intended!?


Instead, (if they even notice you made a change) they will be excited that you have been so successful - and PROUD that they were a part of that success! Help them be proud and successful too!

MZ Rock Star Alum Corey Taylor (now Cashew!) says who WOULDN'T donate to a sweet face just like his!?!

You ready to get the party started?! - LET'S DO THIS!

Our step-by-step guide to Facebook Fundraisers:


1. Make Facebook Fundraising Event!

This is like creating a birthday fundraiser, only it's not on your birthday!

  • From your feed, click "Fundraisers" on the left-hand menu

  • Click the green "Raise Funds" button

  • Type in and select Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

  • Choose an amount to raise (we suggest $250)

For the content, ideally, you will share a personal story of a Motley Zoo animal who touched or inspired you - or choose an animal we currently have in care who you are "sponsoring."  Either way, this is about YOU and YOUR PASSION so don't be shy - say it from your heart!


2. Share your fundraiser with EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN YOUR CONTACTS LIST, by adding them one at a time. This is proven to be the most successful way to share.


After you have created your fundraiser, it will prompt you to share with friends. Go down the list and select every one! Do not skip this (i.e.: don't exclude people or make decisions for them that they are not good enough or financially stable enough to give!)


By sharing this way, they will "have" it to look at and when you post on your wall, it will remind them that they wanted to support.

3. Share your fundraiser often.

  • Post at least 2 times per week at different times of the day
    (so you are most likely to reach everyone at some point)

4. Acknowledge when you are:

  • A QUARTER of the way to your goal: "We are off to a great start, please keep supporting!!"

  • HALFWAY way to your goal: give an enthusiastic, "Yay, we're halfway there!  Please help me reach my goal!!"

  • THREE QUARTERS or "almost there:" Give one last push with "We are so close, can you help me reach my goal?!"

If you are approaching the 3/4 mark relatively quickly, then you have MOMENTUM, so don't let it die - instead, MOVE YOUR GOAL OUT! You have to do this before you hit it, or your fundraiser will stop when you reach the goal.


5. Be proud of yourself for making a difference when it really counts! 

Motley Zoo is YOUR mission. This is what you love, what you care about- this is not the Board's mission or for "someone else" to think about.


Motley Zoo is YOURS. Support that passion as strongly as you feel it - and you will be successful.

Remember the animals need you - and you only have their lives to lose if you don't even try!

Motley Zoo: 14 years of saving lives!
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