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Which rockers support animal welfare efforts?

Frankly, so many of our favs do! Check out this article from Livewire that covers these animal loving rock stars- and FEATURES MZ!

"Back in March of 2016, members of Slayer, Testament, and Carcass visited the Motley Zoo animal rescue shelter in Redmond, Wash. to cuddle with the animals for some adorable photos in an effort to help the shelter raise awareness and garner donations to keep their operation going. While all three bands participated in this cause, Slayer stands out as they also rescued a freezing kitten from the streets of Indianapolis back in 2014. As members of the band and crew left dinner, a homeless man offered to sell the cat to the band’s tour manager for a dollar. They gingerly took the feline in, kept her warm, and managed to quickly find her a safe forever home with a new owner.


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