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The Contest that Changed My Life

Here is an excerpt from the Reader's Digest article published on September 20, 2019.

"Starting an animal rescue helped me win a car, which helped me rescue more animals

Starting a charity is important work, but it’s rarely profitable and so it was for jme thomas. She’d spent seven years building up Motley Zoo, an animal rescue in Redmond, Washington, but any money she made went straight back into the zoo. “Then, as crazy as it sounds, in one year I won two cars in two different contests,” Thomas says. She decided to sell the first car to pay her living expenses and the second car, won from the Toyota Cars For Good contest, she used for her animal rescue. They were even able to get a custom zebra-striped car wrap to help advertise the rescue and adoption facility. “This car has been a huge deal for us. Now when we drive in the city, tourists stop us and take pictures and people honk, wave and yell out ‘I adopted my dog from you!'” she says. “Another surprising bonus is that people treat me nicer when I am driving too and let me merge with no problems.”


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