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Puppy Scams- Don't Fall for Them!

Puppy scams are on the rise- including in Washington State- because people are desperate to find dogs.

And for the first time, the pandemic has made rescue dogs harder to come by.

But they ARE still out there.

Do not go to a breeder or succumb to a scam when you can find what you need and want; it will just take some time....but what in life that is really amazing, comes easily either? Chances are you didn't marry the first person you dated, nor buy the first house you saw.

You may have to put yourself out there for a bit to find the right rescue dog, but it is possible. We do it EVERY DAY. The only time we can't, is when people give up.

Honest Paws did a feature on puppy scams, which also features the incredible increase in adoptions that we have seen here at Motley Zoo- more than 80%.

This has been a record breaking year for adoptions.

In normal times, we typically receive 5 applications for every single animal we have to adopt out. Since the pandemic started this is well over 10 per animals.

The number of animals readily available are in high demand and the competition is tight- but this is no reason to give up or just go to a breeder because it will be "easier" (or so you think).

The reality is a rescue is going to work hard to provide you the right dog but many breeders (and certainly pet stores who often find their dogs at puppy mills) will indeed tell you what you want to hear to get your money.

Remember: in rescue the commodity is the animal's best interest, health and wellbeing, with breeders and pet stores, it is very much a business of selling dogs.

Whether you think you have found the best breeder or not- or you really want that cute puppy from the pet store- please do not fall prey to your desires of immediacy. That is the very first reason people end up being duped by breeders, puppy mills, pet stores and scams.

In rescue we are told so often there are reputable breeders out there, but in 12 years we have never met them...I wish we could believe they are out there, but we are constantly disappointed.

If this is our experience, we have a hard time believing yours will be different...

Waiting for the right rescue is worth it- and will often save you a ton of money and heartbreak in the long run.

Please remember that animals are still dying in shelters even when the demand is high.

If you give rescue a chance, those animals are being transported to your area from those areas where there are more animals than people to adopt. They will come- you just need to try to be patient...

And it is very much our belief you will end up happier in the end by rescuing.


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