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Motley Zoo at Day In Day Out Festival 2023

August 13, 2023

As taken from Q13 Fox piece, here.

SEATTLE - The ‘Day In Day Out’ Festival brings thousands of people from across the country to the Seattle Center for two days of music, but this year the festival is welcoming a special guest who is not appearing on stage.

Motley Zoo is an animal rescue based out of Redmond.

Throughout the weekend, volunteers with the rescue are set up at the festival giving musicians a chance to unwind with a batch of new puppies. The organization is also hopeful the attention they get from the festival will help their animals get rescued.

Since 2009, Motley Zoo has gotten nearly 4,500 animals into forever homes.

Organizers say they are able to do this works thanks to donations, and thanks to community members who are willing to foster pets.

"We take in animals that are kind of on their last—we’re their last chance. So if a shelter is really full, we’ll take in those animals and help them, and raise funds for their vet care and all of that," said Christi Dickerhofe with Motley Zoo.

Dickerhofe says Motley Zoo is currently fostering about 50 dogs and about 30 to 40 cats. Unfortunately, this is the rescue’s capacity.

"The surrender rate has been staggering," she said.

Dickerhofe said they are looking for more people willing to welcome a dog or cat into their home temporarily until the foster pet is adopted.

For more information on Motley Zoo, click here.


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