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6 reasons nonprofits are a great place to work

Our ED, jme's response is number 3 (excerpt):

3. “That someday was today.”

I started fostering nearly 12 year ago, while also pursuing a career as a fashion designer, which always seemed to be slightly out of reach. I began to question if i would ever get there. But then I looked down at the furry face of my little foster dog, and it hit me: today I achieved a goal; I saved a life! That “someday” I always said I'd volunteer (when I had time and money) was today.

The mission to save lives every day inspired me to found Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and for more than seven years I did the work (unpaid). This decision changed the entire course of my life. Since then, the org has grown so much, and I am so proud of what we have achieved. There is nothing like knowing your day really matters, and everything you do makes a difference. That’s what keeps you going when life is hard.

I wish everyone discovers what would make them feel this way too. the answer is often volunteering, but people are so busy doing everything, they often don't make time for what really matters...and doing so could make their lives more fulfilling.

- Jamie Thomas, Executive Director, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue


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