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Welcome Rock Stars!

This page is dedicated to helping you stay in touch with what is going on at

MZ's Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare!

We use PawPartner for our daycare, training and boarding services. Please click the button below to be sent to the login page where you can sign in or register a new pet!

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July 20,2022

July 20, 2022

Hi there, MZ RST Rock Stars! The summer is chugging along (and disappearing fast?!) but we hope you are enjoying it.


We have a few updates and info to disseminate.


-The puppy warts are still a problem, unfortunately. They take a while to show up and a while to go away. Typically unless they are rampant, your vet probably won’t treat them, but you may want to inquire about having them frozen off as a person would.


Please check your dog’s mouth VERY THOROUGHLY, every day (before you come or the night before) as we’re still finding dogs showing up with them that we have to turn away. We are double checking but sometimes the dogs don’t let us check and or they are too excited. 


-We have some price changes to make as we have not changed them in a while- but we are still more affordable than many daycares ;)


Daycare will be increasing to $38.50 per day on August 15th. We’d like to offer you a deal where you can buy up to two packages at the current rate now.


Packages will also remain similarly tiered with an increasing discount per day the more you buy- and your discounts for Passport, MZ adopter and multiple dog still apply.


On August 15th as well, RSU will be increasing to $80 per day for you, our VIP clients, however for new clients it will be $85 per day for non-reactive dogs (starting immediately). Reactive dogs will be $95. The above discounts apply.


There will be a $2.50 surcharge for paying by the day (without a package).



-We would still like you to schedule your training and daycare on the PawPartner app- and if you could schedule your dates for the next few weeks, that’d be helpful. Some of the settings have changed a bit so please email us with a screenshot if you hit a snag.


For payments, however, we prefer you put a card on file or pay at the front desk, especially as only we can apply your discount!



-Just a reminder about vaccines and fecals. We do bordetella every 6 months and fecal floats every 4 months. 


We can still conveniently send out the fecals for you for $30 which is usually cheaper than your vet. Just make sure the sample is fresh or refrigerated for no more than 12 hours.



-We have exciting news for you: Motley Zoo has secured a 5-acre property in Monroe that has a working boarding kennel.


Not only will we have a future home for Motley Zoo’s sanctuary for animals that may never get adopted, but we are able to round out our services with this offering!

Don’t worry- we have no plans to leave Redmond! This new boarding service is in addition to the services we offer here, not instead of.


We have a long way to go yet, especially as while secured, we still need to pay for this dream undertaking. We will be launching our capital campaign, Rock Solid very soon, so stay tuned for how you can help support this amazing next step for our mission.


-Since we have settled in with boarding in Monroe, we have thought about hosting overnight boarding here in Redmond as well- in addition to our in-home options with our trainers.


Would you please fill out this poll, so we can get a feel for whether this is a service you’d like us to add here?

Your response will enter you to win a free Motley Zoo tshirt or tank from!


That's about it for now :) Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns!

July 2022
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