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This page is dedicated to helping you stay in touch with what is going on at MZ's Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare!

Many of our client emails (to the entire group) bounce, which leaves many of you in the dark about what is happening or changing- as well as just hearing about fun, new things with the rescue!

We want to be sure to reach everyone- so please check out the installments of our client notices below.


TONIGHT: Brewer's Night Benefiting Motley Zoo

Hop House- Redmond

530p- 730p

Taste the MZ Pale Ale before it sells out again!

Raffles - Prizes - Fun


Hey there- we hope you will join us for a quick pint after work at the Hop House! Don't miss out on your opportunity to taste this amazing, selling-out-fast beer! This is the second batch and we know it will go fast...

Look for it in more than 30 different locations throughout the greater Seattle area as well including Whole Foods, Central Markets, plus restaurants and bottle shops!


Other notes:

We are having some issues with our new daycare system- namely that we have come up against some serious loopholes that do not fit our needs.

Naturally the software co tells you what it will do someday- which is different than what it does today when you get into please bear with us as we figure out if we will continue, or abandon it and reinvest our efforts into making our current system work more like that. There are features we don't use- but this system also lacks in significant ways. We cannot be the only folks who need what we really should not be this complicated?!


Next, we want to tell you that there are hornets in the dirt just outside the building. We had signs which blew away- we will put out some more...either way, the exterminator is coming tomorrow. This means however, we won't be doing walks for about a week until this issue is resolved.


Just a reminder that our bordetella and fecals are done every 6 months. We can do the fecals here, but the bordetella is a vaccine that must be administered by a vet.

As well, some vets do the bordetella annually, which can be a bit confusing when they tell you it's not due and we tell you it is ;) But we have found the efficacy wanes after 6 months and it's not really effective. Apparently this year they found out the same with the human flu vaccine- where people who got it early in the season have gotten it recently, because the season is still going and the other wore off! 

Regarding the fecals, remember we do two parts: the traditional float and the giardia antigen (or SNAP/ ELISA test).

Most vets do not do the antigen test- which is one reason why we really suggest you do the fecals with us...the other is that our cost is significantly less than your vet will charge. At most vets, the float alone costs what we charge for both parts- and when they do the antigen test they charge 3-4 times what we do!

We know it frustrating for you to show up with your dog, ready for daycare, because the vet said they were clear- but they are very likely not by our standards...It is especially true that we need the antigen re-test after a giardia treatment- so please don't bring your dog after treatment unless you have been specifically cleared by us.


As well, unless you have the antigen results in hand, we may not be able to get a hold of your vet to make daycare happen that same day either. Even when you ask, many vets don't send records to us- so please keep this in mind when you may need to provide an update or negative result after treatment: expecting we can allow your dog in the same day is not the best because we simply cannot guarantee we can get the info on a moment's notice.

While we appreciate your vets and their standards, they have theirs and we have ours...and we are stricter. The bottom line is we have more to lose if we find giardia here- but it won't affect your vet at all ;) 

While it is a problem that we run into often in the northwest and dogs can bring it here (from the park (especially), their yards or other daycares they may attend concurrently), through frequent and strict standards we can prevent our facility from being the place it originates- or the place where everyone gets sick.


Lastly, after finding I somehow have 2 accounts with the same email through gofundme (and sometimes get logged into one and sometimes the other)- I finally have the link to the fundraiser I started for Pate

Many of you have asked how to help and we wanted to make sure you were able to do so. She is in need of help with groceries and cleaning, as well as gas- so this is where the funds will be spent primarily. If you cook or bake and want to help with her "meal plan"- where people are cooking some cancer fighting dishes (dairy and meat free) for her family- you can join "Pate's Pitties and Titties Community" ;) 

As for an update on her health: she just finished the 4th round of the "really bad" chemo that was making her extremely nauseated. It took her over a week to recover each time...however the tumors have shrunk 50%, so at least it was doing its job!!

The next step is a short break and then a "not as bad" chemo every week...which we're not sure how she will fare. We are hopeful it won't be a full 3 months we don't see her around here!?

After that she will get another break- then a lumpectomy (we anticipate mid Sept). Following that, radiation weekly and chemo daily. We are certainly not at all looking forward to that period of time...but if she's lucky, by year's end, she will be cancer free!


Thank you all for allowing us to take care of your dogs. You and they mean so much to us and we are so glad to have this new building to work in. Things are good and looking up even more so all the time...we hope the coming months bring happiness and prosperity to you too, along with the sun!

Rock on-


April 4, 2019


See more about Billie, here!

Adoptable Roadie: Billie Eilish


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