How to start a fb Fundraising event

Due to Covid, we don't get to have in-person events like we normally would be having at this time of the year, which makes us insanely sad... (we miss you Pain In The Grass, Summer Camp, Yappy Hour, Meet & Greets, etc.)

Join Motley Zoo out & about -

or have us at your event!


Motley Zoo attends and hosts many events; so there are many places you can connect with us!


Check out some of our upcoming events on our Facebook page for a schedule of all upcoming events. 


You can have us at your NEXT event!


Need a morale booster for your office or corporate event? How about a wedding shower full of cuddles? Want to make someone's birthday memorable? Or propose to that special someone surrounded by furry friends?


Contact our events coordinator so we can get back to you about planning it!


While you're here, be sure to check out some of our past event videos below to see us rockin'!     

How to start a FB Fundraising Event

Starting a Facebook Fundraising Event is easy! You may have even done it before with a Birthday fundraiser for a cause you care about.

We are here to help you start one for Motley Zoo!

1. On your feed, click "Fundraisers" in the menu on the left. 


2. Click the green, "Raise Funds" botton on the left.















3. A window pops up and asks who you are raising money for. Click "Nonprofit".











4. Type in and select Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.


5. Choose a goal amount (we suggest $500) and an end date (Oct 24).


6. Pre-written text will come up, that anyone can use- however, we highly suggest TELLING YOUR STORY. Why are you here, working with us? What animal, past or present, inspires you to give-?


It is YOUR story that your friends will give to, not the mission.


7. Click "Create" and your fundraiser will begin.


8. You will automatically be asked to share this with your friends list. SHARE WITH EACH ONE- EVERY SINGLE ONE using this feature. Do not skip this step.


This is a proven way to be successful, allowing your friends to "have" it and review it in their own time- while your wall posts will remind them they wanted to give!

If you question this step- you're scared to ask everyone, or think they will get mad, please click here for the reality.


Don't think the worst of your friends, not make decisions for them about what they will give to! They want to support YOU. Let them...because the only way they won't is if you don't ask.


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