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Rock Solid - new show, bigger venue

New Show. Bigger Venue.

Building a Rock Solid Foundation for the future of rescue

"When I look into the eyes of an animal I believe they can see my soul...and they know I have dedicated my everything to be there for them." 


- jme Thomas, co-founder of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue 


a place of refuge and safety.

Check out our slide show below. 

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Artist rendering of a potential Motley Zoo Sanctuary design

Saving Lives By Design

This capital campaign is designed to establish a permanent location where Motley Zoo can continue our current operations and expand our mission further, providing sanctuary for more animals so we can save even more lives.


Animals that have no one else.

We exist to serve the "underdogs"; animals whose situations seem bleak. They have run out of options...and they would otherwise die because no one will care for them.


Except for Motley Zoo. 

While approximately 30% of the animals we care for are special or medically needy, even now there are animals we can't rescue because we have nowhere to care for them. Some have exceptional needs that individuals cannot take on alone.

Our vision is to establish a permanent sanctuary where animals with exceptional needs have a home - forever.


Through the experience of connecting with and caring for these animals, the lives of both animals and people will be improved.

the problem: 

Some animals are not "adoptable".

Motley Zoo has saved many animals of varying needs and capacities, but the one thing they've all had in common is that they've each had a reasonable chance of being adopted. While it may take a while (sometimes years), all the animals we take in can find homes eventually.

However, there are many we are asked to take that have challenges most individuals and families will not consider adopting.


Usually, these animals have medical challenges such as paralysis, incontinency, and neurological deficits that make them "special"- but none of these issues are life-threatening nor prevent the animals from living a happy and fulfilled life. They just need the opportunity to live their potential.

Despite being hard to adopt, these animals still deserve to live- especially where they can be cared for in a community setting where the responsibility doesn't fall to just one. Our committed crew of volunteers will each carry a little piece of the load, allowing these animals to live until their legitimate, dying day- loved, cared for, and with a quality of life they deserve.

We have been there for animals that can find homes- now we need to fulfill our mission to care for ALL animals that have challenges.

The animals need permanence.

As a foster-based rescue, we started this mission without a facility. We operated virtually which worked in many ways, but ultimately did not allow our connection with the community to flourish.


We believed that a facility was necessary to achieve our vision for this mission. We also knew the facility needed to be a fundraising initiative, not just a roof over our heads.


Although this concept had never been done before, we knew it could be done- and were not afraid to be the first.

We are proud to say that we have achieved our goal - and many more accomplishments have been possible because of our first physical location in Redmond. 


A physical location we own is critical to continuing the success and longevity of Motley Zoo's mission.  


While we still have plenty of time with our lease in Redmond, development and rising costs in our area may win out someday- and we must think ahead and adapt to whatever changes happen to our current system. 

It is critical that Motley Zoo establishes a permanent location that allows us to continue our critical animal care and services without disruption.

Artist rendering of a potential Motley Zoo Sanctuary design

Apollonia is one of our many special needs rescues!
We rescue the most vulnerable of animals at Motley Zoo, like Ali!

the solution: 

Motley Zoo must secure property.

Motley Zoo requires a location with growth potential

We have been fortunate to have found the most important piece of this puzzle- a location that will allow us to grow and expand...but there's a long way to go before this property is ours and ready for resident animals.

The new Monroe, WA location we have found offers much of what we need now and the potential for so much more as we continue to pursue a sanctuary.

The 5-acre property has a comfy home for our live-in caretaker, Animal Care Director, Pate, who will be on-site to manage the needs of all the animals once volunteers have gone home.

There is a barn and 3 paddocks in good condition that we can utilize as we see fit. Although we are not changing our focus from companion animals at this time, as the name "zoo" implies, we have always desired to welcome animals in need of all kinds. 

There is a small kennel area for current foster dogs in transition- although this must be expanded to accommodate our needs as a rescue center, especially to become live-in quarters for the animals that stay as residents.

Lastly, there is a full-booked, working boarding kennel business with 18 kennels that will help us support the mission with additional revenue as well as bring in new adopters, fosters, volunteers, and donors.


This property is perfect because so much is already established and functioning- however, we still need to renovate and build to provide for our critical animals.

Kyle is keeping an eye out on a new sanctuary for Motley Zoo!

the property: 

We can build a future together!

Scroll through the photos of the amazing property that will be the future of Motley Zoo!

what's missing: 

YOU, Rock Star!

Your legacy will forever impact the lives of precious, "imperfect" animals!

You are here because you have the same uncompromising beliefs. You have been there to support animals in great need- modeled after the unconditional love you share with your beloved animals.

Most animals are not as fortunate as yours- but you can share that same love with them...a love that lasts forever.


Now, we have the opportunity to do even more good, together.


Your support will not only make you the hero your animals believe you are, but you'll leave a lasting legacy that will leave paw prints on the hearts of many.

Band together with us and build a beautiful future for less fortunate animals...become a Hall of Fame Partner in saving lives- a true legend!

Owen pawprints
Bailey pawprints
Cassidy pawprints
Hollywood Motley Zoo Star - Shana
Hollywood Motley Zoo Star - Lucy
Hollywood Motley Zoo Star - Jolly & Mei Mei
Hollywood Motley Zoo Star - Pemba
Hollywood Motley Zoo Star - Charlie

the details: 

Become a Legend!

Levels of support
  • Grammy: $1,000,000

  • Diamond: $750,00

  • Multi-Platinum: $500,000

  • Platinum: $375,000

  • Gold: $250,000

  • Record Mogul: $125,000

  • Tour Manager: $100,000

  • Publicist: $50,000

  • Just Signed: $25,000

  • Super Fan: $10,000

platinum record

contact us: 

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