Building a Rock Solid Foundation for the future of rescue

"When I look into the eyes of an animal I believe they can see my soul...and they know I have dedicated my everything to be there for them." 


- jme Thomas, co-founder of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue 


a place of refuge and safety.

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Artist rendering of a potential Motley Zoo Sanctuary design

Saving Lives By Design

This capital campaign is to establish a permanent location where Motley Zoo can continue our current operations and expand our mission further to providing sanctuary for animals that may otherwise, never find homes....


Animals that have no one else.

We exist to serve the "underdog"- the animals whose situations seem bleak. They have run out of options...and they will die because no one will care for them.


Except Motley Zoo. 

While approximately 30% of the animals we care for are special or medically needy, even now there are animals we can't realistically take in- because we have nowhere to put them.

Our vision is to establish a permanent sanctuary where animals with exceptional needs have a home - forever. Through the experience of connecting with and caring for these animals, the lives of both animals and people will be improved.

the problem: 

Motley Zoo must relocate.

Motley Zoo's Mission Center Studio is currently a 7,500 square foot facility in the heart of downtown Redmond.  This facility allows us to perform adoptions, helps centralize our operation, provides storage for supplies, and creates a location where we can gather and host events. 

Beyond this, our Mission Center Studio also gives us the ability to raise funds for our animals through Rock Star Treatment Services, which include dog daycare, training and boarding available to the community and our foster dogs. 

But the future of our Mission Center Studio is uncertain.

Redmond is a city that changes by the minute with constant development. Our building is right in the path of the new light rail line to improve public transportation. This major advancement for the community as a whole - unfortunately, puts our mission at risk.

Motley Zoo must remain tangible within the community's reach!

As a foster-based rescue, we started this mission without a facility. We operated virtually which worked in some ways, but ultimately hindered our capacity to connect with the community.


We believed that a facility was necessary to achieve our vision for this mission. We also knew the facility needed to be a source of revenue, not just a roof over our heads. Although our concept had never been done before, we knew it could be done.

We are proud to say that we have achieved our goal in that regard - and many accomplishments would have been have been impossible as a virtual only organization.


This is why a physical location is so important to the continued success and longevity of Motley Zoo's mission.  


Without a facility, we would lose many facets and efficiencies of our unique mission- as well as a critical stream of revenue from Rock Star Treatment Services.

It is critical that Motley Zoo establish a permanent location soon so that we can continue our critical animal care and services without disruption.

Artist rendering of a potential Motley Zoo Sanctuary design

apollonia in chair.jpg
ali sq.jpg

Motley Zoo requires a location with unlimited growth potential

Motley Zoo must relocate to property that supports our current mission and allows for future growth- indefinitely.


This vision encompasses the fundamentals of supporting the rescue mission and continuing  the established services that provide financial support to our cause.  Besides that, we need to expand to accommodate special needs animals permanently - where we can allow them to live out their lives with dignity.​

Because they deserve to live! 

While we do take in numerous animals with special needs, we are still limited by our foster system's capacity- namely, which animals people are willing to care for.


When it's already hard to convince people to foster at all, the last thing most will take on are difficult cases that may go on for extended periods.


We always say "Our rescue animals have a home with us unless or until they get adopted"- which is true because we stay with them through thick and thin. We also take animals with the most critical needs, with extensive issues and we make it work...


But the real decision always comes down to whether we believe those animals CAN be adopted eventually.


At this stage, we cannot knowingly taking on animals whose challenges offer permanent barriers to adoption...

But a sanctuary would change that.

With a sanctuary specifically designed to nurture animals with challenges, we would be able to take in animals that perhaps no individual person would consider on their own - but where our committed crew could cater to them in a communal setting of shared responsibilities.

A sanctuary would allow us to take on any and every animal we're asked to, no matter bwhich stage of life, health or how extensive their needs...

We could ensure all animals live or die- surrounded by unconditional love.


The responsibility for special animals falls to the same few

Motley Zoo takes in many animals with challenges and barriers to adoption- but most are temporary or reasonably accommodated with very specialized which may be uncommon, but for most animals, are still out there because we have turned the animal's circumstances around and made them more adoptable.


This care and transition takes time however. Some of the animals have been with us for more than two years before finding their homes! 


Although these animals can stay with us until they are adopted, what we have not highlighted is how few homes are willing to take in animals who will stay for extended periods- and therefore how limited we really are even when we do go the distance.

Most fosters are drawn to fostering because the duration is temporary: a matter of 4- 6 weeks on average, or perhaps a few months at most.

Who then watches the animals that stay for years?

This responsibility falls to the Board- people who are already going above and beyond in general - and who often have multiple foster animals staying with them.


They are not only carrying the majority of the work and responsibility of the organization itself, as well as the people and all the animals, but are also housing multiple animals with very individualized and critical needs for long periods of time.

However, there is a limit to what they can make possible.

Furthermore, this imbalanced effort is done within the confines of homes not designed for such efforts and are frankly, not at all conducive to practical or efficient care. 

In short, the homes that save the lives of these special animals are also the biggest obstacles the foster families has to overcome to provide their critical care.

Whether size alone, a lack of appropriate yard or fence, or stairs that create challenges, these families are committed to the animals despite circumstances that intrinsically inhibit their efforts.


In contrast, a home and facility specifically designed to ease the burden of caring for multiple animals with special needs would improve our efficiency and capacity for care.


With a sanctuary, we'd be able to care for more animals with even more significant needs, because we could take that into account in how the facility is designed.


This property will enhance our services and open doors for animals that cannot survive without caretakers who are committed to their every need, around the clock, indefinitely - by providing a means to do so.

Be a hero for the animals.  Be the good they so desperately need.  Let's build a beautiful future for as many deserving animals as we can. 


YOU can make this all possible!

Thank you- let's rock rescue!

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