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Holiday Wish List

Give gifts to our animals this holiday!

Yay! Thank you for selecting an ornament from one of the giving trees graciously supported by many local businesses we love.

We have compiled a list (complete with links to some items) to make your gift giving easy- but please always SHOP SMALL & LOCAL FIRST.


The links are simply to show you what we need- not to take business away from the amazing businesses that offer Motley Zoo such a great opportunity to benefit from your giving spirit. 

Please note: some of the items we need for safety or medical reasons are quite specific, so please do not substitute where specified.

Cat items are listed first, then mixed (for either species) then dog. 

You could make this a "Pawliday" to remember for your family too, if you're thinking about adopting- or even fostering! See all the animals we have for available (click the button below)- and take home a real pet, not just a photo!

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