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Hey there - my name is Angel on Fire.  For those of you who don't recognize the Halsey hit song, 
here you go - no judgment!!
I am a beautiful golden/orange Domestic Shorthair kitty who really wants to find her fur-ever home and family.  True to my Taurus nature (I am a little over 8 months old), I am curious to the world around me and will be devoted and affectionate with my fur-ever family.   Meow!

Angel on Fire is named after a song by Halsey and she’s had a rough start in life. She came to us with her mom and siblings as newborns from California. One baby sadly died during transit, and it was a really trying time for the others as well.

Halsey (the mom) was extremely sick and the babies were paired with a surrogate mom, however she also became sick and the babies needed our intervention. Their dedicated foster home got up every few hours in the night to tube feed them as their noses were so stuffed up (and their eyes stuck closed) they couldn’t eat from a bottle.


Angel on Fire is looking for treats and pets, in no particular order.

Despite extensive efforts, a few more babies didn’t make it - but four of them did, including Angel on Fire! However, as a result of their illnesses early on in life, Angel’s eye never really recovered, and it had to be removed (so did one eye of the 3 other siblings). She is recovering well, as she is happy to be free from pain and infection- however her challenges don’t stop there.

It is clear that Angel is not as resilient as her siblings and she has had some upper respiratory flare ups and she has had to stay in a foster home much longer than most kittens. She will require a family who understands that her issues may indeed be systemic and the best that can be done is to manage the symptoms.

This angel isn't afraid of any dog!  What a sweet beautiful girl.

This is not hard to do however when you meet her, because she is the sweetest little girl, so affectionate and loving…so many have fallen in love with her but have overlooked her for a kitten with less “baggage.” 


We know her family is out there though, and we won’t stop looking until we find them!

Who says all cats avoid water like the plague?  Angel on Fired likes to observe shower time!

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Yes, Angel on Fire has had a rougher go of it since she was born, but that shouldn't stop her from finding a forever home that is simply purr-fect for her!  Please help share this beautiful kitty with your friends, family and social network - let's get this sweetie her happy ending!  


Angel on Fire has been in our care, from being bottle-fed as a sick little kitten until now, so there has many meals to aid her in getting healthy and strong for future adoption!  We rely on generous donations of food to help feed our foster animals, so giving food directly would most certainly help us out with all of our rescue cats!  

Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052


It's a rewarding yet costly opportunity to care for a kitty with medical needs like Angel on Fire.  If you factor in the cost of her food, shelter, medications, vaccinations, vet bills, eye surgery and her spay procedure, that all adds up!  We are grateful for every dollar donated by generous rock stars such as yourself.   Thanks so much!!


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