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Feline Feature

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Hey there - my name is New Americana.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my namesake's song by Halsey, check out this video.  I am a fun-loving, golden / orange /white Tabby Domestic Shorthair kitty who is really ready for my fur-ever family. True to my Taurus nature (I will be 1 in May), I am curious to the world around me and will be both devoted and affectionate with my fur-ever family. You may remember my sister, Angel on Fire, the sweet one-eyed kitty.  She was recently adopted - and I just know I'm just as purr-fect for someone.  Please give me my birthday wish: a home to call my own.  Meow!

My foster mama says I am both "hell on wheels" and a "total cuddle bunny..." I mean, what can you expect?  I'm a sassy lady!  She says that I am always by her side, I follow her around religiously (I mean, come on - I want cuddles and treats, duh!) and that I'll take up residence either on her lap or next to her while she's sleeping.  I love the warmth, what can I say?!

I am super active, and I would really love to have at least one kitty playmate in the home. I am a people loving sorta feline, and I love to give kisses and love to perch on your shoulder (it's a cat thing). I am friendly with other cats, and I also love dogs. I enjoy grooming others- anyone who will allow it.

I do have a predisposition to upper respiratory infections, and have struggled to stay healthy since she was a newborn. I really need a stable, permanent home with playmates, and humans who don’t mind my occasional snot rocket. I'm so cute it's worth it, in my humble opinion.


I do get along with other cats!  I was initially cautious with my foster's big dogs (hello size difference!) but once I feel confident that I won't be chased, I will happily play with their moving tails, much to their chagrin.  She also says I'm "quite the talker."  I'm an opinionated lady!  I love my foster mama, but I'm ready for my fur-ever family.  I would love to meet you!

This colorful kitty is interested in everything around her - and makes a purr-fect lapmate / at-home office assistant  (she'll happily be paid in pets & treats for her services!)

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want to help New Americana?
Here's How:


It's beyond time for this gorgeous kitty to find a forever home that is simply purr-fect for her!  She will turn 1 in May - what better birthday present?!  Please help share this beautiful kitty with your friends, family and social network - let's get this sweetie her happy ending!  

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Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052


New Americana, along with her recently-adopted sis, Angel on Fire, has been in our care, from being bottle-fed as a little kitten until now, so she has chowed down on countless meals to aid her in getting healthy and strong for future adoption!  We rely on generous donations of food to help feed our foster animals, so giving food directly would most certainly help us out with all of our rescue cats!  


It's a rewarding yet costly opportunity to care for a kitty with medical needs like Angel on Fire.  If you factor in the cost of her food, shelter, medications, vaccinations, vet bills, eye surgery and her spay procedure, that all adds up!  We are grateful for every dollar donated by generous rock stars such as yourself.   Thanks so much!!

Dollar Bill in Jar
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