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Application Examples

Wishing Well, an adopted rescue kitty from Motley Zoo

"The experience has been the most wonderful experience -  everyone was so caring and very informative, and made sure to ask lots of questions. The foster family was very loving - I would so go back!"

- M.S., Adopter

Dog Adoption App

Please click the PDF to the left to open the example of the Dog Adoption Application.

We require a $5 Application Processing Fee to review your information to approve you for adoption. 

Feel free to review the information you will be asked and inquire if you have questions or concerns about it.

Cat Adoption App

Please click the PDF to the left to open the example of the Cat Adoption Application.

We require a $5 Application Processing Fee to review your information to approve you for adoption. 

Feel free to review the information you will be asked and inquire if you have questions or concerns about it.

What do we ask & Why

We have a few requirements for adoption, but everything else is on a case-by-case basis- both for the animal and you as an applicant.

Step 1

  • We require a $5 fee for us to review your information.

  • You must be at least 21 yrs old. If you are younger than that, but entirely independent, we will consider that

  • The dogs/ cats in your home to be altered and current on vaccines.

  • We must get to know you and your lifestyle as it relates to bring a specific pet into your life. We gauge the animals' needs first, then whether you can provide for that specific animal's needs. This is about compatibility- which may be a great match for one animal but a poor match for another. It's all about the animals first.

    • Who is in your home- All members who may interact with your animal, including roommates and other pets.

    • Where you live- ex: Are there breed restrictions in your city?

    • What kind of dwelling- ex: Is it an apartment with weight/ breed/ # of animal restrictions?

    • Whether you have a yard/ fence- ex: Some of our dogs may need a fence for their own benefit, but there is no hard and fast rule about fences otherwise.

    • What do you want to do with your new animal- ex: Hobbies, interests and expectations of activities and events you hope for

    • How you plan to care for them- ex: When you're gone/ sleeping; how you'll provide exercise, socialization, training, veterinary care, grooming etc.

    • Experience you've had with other animals- ex: What health and or behavior issues have you worked with?

Step 2

After providing the above information, we will respond to you. Either we will have more questions, we will state we don't have a suitable match for you or we will approve you to move forward.

If moving forward, we require some additional info.

  • We require photos of the exterior and interior of your home

    • As it relates to corroborating your address- ex: Do the numbers match?

    • Where the animal will live- ex: Does it look safe? Are there holes in the fence?

  • We require a piece of mail (called POR= proof of residence) corroborating that you receive mail at your indicated residence- ex: A magazine label or address portion of a utility bill

Step 3

You will be congratulated for completing the process and be matched with an animal and we will set a meeting time. Sometimes the animal in question may have been adopted by someone else ahead of you in the process- but don't fear! An approved application works for the next compatible animal coming in- and many times approved applicants are first in line to meet animals before they are listed publicly. Being approved gives you a boost to the top of the line.

Step 4

You meet your potential new animal in person at a 30-60 minute encounter where you can get to know the animal, engage with your family, discuss together and ask any questions you may have.

An adoption will only occur if we both agree this is the right fit. Sometimes animals/ people may behave in ways that cause us to question the compatibility in the end. Any concern will be discussed in depth. We may suggest a different animal (which may require a different meeting) instead.

Most meetings result in an adoption, but if we suggest this isn't the right fit or that you think about it more, remember this is for your best interest. We are trying to spare you a potential problem or heartbreak in the future. This is not personal and does not mean we don't think you can adopt, we just may think THAT animal isn't a good fit- and will explain in depth why. 

For meetings with incompatible animals, we will try again with one that suits better- or you will be on hold until the next appropriate animal comes into our care.


This process is about getting to know you as we have the animals so we can make a compatible, long-lasting match for you. Sometimes the animals have needs you cannot provide for, but it is not personal. We can still help you find the right fit!


Please trust our expertise and the more than 4,500 animals we have placed to date- and our less than 2% rate of return of those matches. "failed" adoptions are typically more for people issues than animal, which is why we try so hard to do right by you both to start. We want the best for the animal- and when we can provide that, you get what's right for you too!


The investment you make in our process will pay off in spades- not only with the reward of having the right pet, but with a lifetime of resources and support for that animal to boot. 

How we use you info

Our Application Processing Crew only cares about your information and how it relates to our process and animals.


They are long-term, loyal volunteers who are busy people with little interest in "snooping". They don't care what your house looks like, unless it seems unsafe to an animal.


They process enough information in a day that they barely have time to do that- they certainly don't have time to do anything else with your info...especially as they do this in their spare time. Most would rather spend that doing fun things with their family when they can. They put in the work for the sake of the animals, but no one lingers or cares about your specifics- they have a job to do in reviewing your info and ensure there are no big red flags.


Otherwise it is NOT their decision whether we adopt an animal to you or which. Adoption decisions are made by our Cat Crew and our Animal Care Director who take over the process once your information has been reviewed. Approval is based on their belief that you can provide for a pet adequately, and that the specific pet in question is also the right fit.


We store your information long-term in a secure database called "Buzz to the Rescue". We are strict about security. Our crew must be approved and have been granted log in to access Buzz or our email. Access would be immediately revoked if a problem arose (none have).


Pictures and other information are emailed. Documents will be saved to Buzz; written communication will remain in email. Keep in mind we do not ask for sensitive information such as ID's, license plates, passports or social security information- not even birthday.


The information we ask isn't that which could be used to hurt you. We simply ask you to corroborate public/ visible information as it ensures you live where you say you do- as it relates to the safety/ location of our animals.

When it comes to the interior we don't care about your things or how messy/ clean you may be. We just want to see you have reasonable accommodations for an animal and they won't get lost in a hoarding house, or escape through a broken fence, for example.


We do not care how well you live, or how meagre- only that you have a safe place and a plan for your new pet.

We do not store your credit card information. Fees/ adoption donations go through a large processing database called Stripe. Many companies use this system for their checkout process.

We will not spam you, although we do retain the right to email you relevant information as it relates to your adoption, which includes periodic check ins to make sure things are going well; monthly newsletters to share events, highlights, thank you's and requests for support; surveys and other periodic instances to continue our relationship.


We hope to keep the door open so that we are the first place you turn when and if you need help- or for your next pet!

Feel free to examine our Privacy Policy, here- or inquire with any specific questions.

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