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Canine Feature

Cher 3.jpg

Hey there - my name is Cher - pretty sure I don't need to explain who my namesake is!
I am a beautiful pibble who was brought in to Motley Zoo's studio as a stray - I was wandering the streets not too far from salvation!  Perfect - well, sort of. I wasn't doing too hot upon arrival in the arms of my good Samaritan savior's arms - and was rushed immediately to the vet, where I ended up with TWO surgeries! Yikes!  No wonder I looked so pitiful upon arrival.  :(

I was severely dehydrated - and came to find out that I'd eaten a baby bottle nipple (what?  I was so hungry!!), so that's what was making me feel so rotten.  Thankfully, my angels at Motley Zoo thought I was worth saving, so I underwent surgery to remove it!  Unfortunately, not too many days after, I ended up with an infection, so off I went again for another surgery --- OOF!!  What a story, wouldn't you say?  I am doing FANTASTIC now - and am living with the best foster mama who loves me dearly!  Here's a little bit from her:

Cher is a sweet dog with a big heart. She loves to be with her people, when she knows someone is walking towards her the tail starts wagging! She also is interested in meeting new people but with social distancing that is a bit difficult right now, even so that tail still wags. She will lean against you to get petted, especially around her ears and she will make little grunting noises of happiness or Pit Purrs as we call it.

She is very energetic and enjoys chasing toys and balls outside, as well as going for walks. Despite the energy she is very gentle when taking treats. She knows commands such as sit, shake, down and leave it. 


She has not had any accidents in the house and uses her crate at night easily.

Cher 4.jpg

How can one resist Cher's charms?  She is a huge cuddle bug, according to her foster mama!

Look how fast she can run - what a difference rescue can make in an animal's life!  She is so happy, playful and full of energy!!  

want to help Cher & our other pups?
Here's How:


This rock star has been chowin' down on what seems like endless amounts of food, because she is a big girl who is recovering from two surgeries!!  In particular, Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream) wet food is our go-to.  We could definitely use more, so donating food directly would be a huge help!  

taste of the wild wet.jpg

Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052

taste of the wild dry.jpg


Cher has been chowing down in effort to get stronger post-surgeries!  In particular, Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream) dry food is our go-to.  We are going through so much with all of our foster pups across the area, so giving food directly would really help us out!  

Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052


It's a lot of work to care for one big pibble, let alone one dogs and cats all across the area!  If you factor in the cost of food, shelter, medications, vaccinations, vet bills and eventual spay / neuter procedures, that adds up to a lot of cash!  We are grateful for every dollar donated by generous rock stars such as yourself.   Thanks!!

Dollar Bill in Jar
Cher 3.jpg

Meet Cher

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