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Hey there - my name is Storm; you know, like The Doors' classic song "Riders on the Storm?"
(click to refresh your brain!) 
I am a beautiful Boerboel (African Mastiff) who recently gave birth to a litter of adorable Mastiff-mix puppies (I'm more than slightly biased!)  We will introduce you to the little ones soon -- but for now, let's fill you in on my story, as told by my foster parents.  Woof!

On New Year's Eve, Motley Zoo got a call from a family saying they needed to re-home their female Boerboel (African Mastiff) who was pregnant - with a very tight time-frame. Our Animal Care Director, Pate, called the family to discuss the situation and to make arrangements - but in the short time between the e-mail and our call, the babies were being born! Suddenly, not only did we have a mom to contend with, but 10 little babies too!!


Arrangements were immediately made to get them into the Motley Zoo foster home - but sadly,
not before two of the sweet babies had died.


Mom was very scared and confused and you could see every rib on her body. While her previous family was loving, they unfortunately did not realize that she had not been fed enough and was exceptionally underweight, especially for a pregnant mother. The babies themselves were pretty thin as well, and it was not surprising that some didn't make it - but thankfully, Mama was producing milk, which was an initial concern. We were eager to get her settled in and comfortable - then the real work could begin.

Initially, Mom was very afraid and protective of her babies. Every time the fosters went into the room, she would bark and charge to tell them they were too close. For two days, the foster visited 3 to 4 times a day and read out loud to her so she could get comfortable with their voices and who they were. They tossed hot dogs her way which she eagerly gobbled down. While curious, she was still extremely scared. 

You can see how thin Storm was when she came in to our care - ESPECIALLY for a pregnant mama!

On the third day, the fosters held the treats while reading so she had to come closer to get them. She'd slowly creep up to snag it, then quickly back up and bark again - and they still couldn't get close to the puppies. 


On the fifth day, they were able to give treats as she sat for pets - but Mom was still quick to back up and bark, and wary of them near the babies. 


Finally, on the sixth day in foster care, there was a breakthrough! 


"We were actually able to give her love; love I know she was wanting but was to afraid to accept," said her foster. They were even trusted enough to check on and clean up the babies!
"It was great to see all 8 puppies comfortable and warm."  Finally, Mom trusted the fosters' experienced and loving care!

It was now time to give Mom her Motley Zoo rock star name; so we chose, Storm, for "Riders on the Storm" - and all her babies named after The Doors' song titles. We named the 4 males: People Are (Strange), (Ghost) Song, Mr. (Mojo) Risin And Crawling (King) Snake and the 4 females; (Wild Child), (Crystal) Ship, Light my (Fire) and (Blue) Sunday!


Every day, Storm has gotten increasingly comfortable with her family. "She is such a sweet girl and loves to get pets and belly rubs. She is still thin, but we are working on fattening her up, which can be hard to do while she nurses eight babies!"

"It's been a long month, but well worth all the work to see the growth and development in all these dogs - especially Storm."  

Mama Storm loves snuggling and caring for her eight adorable puppies (4 male, 4 female)

want to help storm & Her 8 Puppies?
Here's How:


Mama and her crew have been chowin' down on what seems like endless amounts of food, because they all need to fatten up!  In particular, Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream) wet food is their go-to.  We could definitely use more, so donating food directly would be a huge help!  

Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052

Ship to:  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
            16725 Cleveland Street
            Redmond, Washington 98052


Mama and her crew have been channeling their inner Hungry Hungry Hippos in their strong efforts to gain weight for optimal health!!  In particular, Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream) dry food is their go-to.  We are going through so much with 9 hungry dogs, so giving food directly would really help us out!  


It's a lot of work to care for one big Mastiff, let alone one with eight growing puppies!  If you factor in the cost of food, shelter, medications, vaccinations, vet bills and eventual spay / neuter procedures, that adds up to a lot of cash!  We are grateful for every dollar donated by generous rock stars such as yourself.   Thanks!!


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