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Sponsored by Best Friends &


Take steps to save animals in need (and win prizes yourself)!

This year COVID is threatening Motley Zoo's veterinary budget- taking tens of thousands away from the animals who need it most!


We need to make up for this huge deficit or we will not be able to save the animals who quite literally, have no one else...


Puppies like Ryan and Blake, whose mom killed their siblings - or cats like Miracle Man, found in the road, having seizures.


Strut Your Mutt is the answer!


This is the one and only opportunity we have to make ends meet for the year - so we can continue to provide hundreds of animals the second chances they need and deserve - so they can find loving homes.

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Interested in becoming one of our rock star Strut Your Mutt sponsors?  

Rescue never stops. We won't either.

So far in 2020, we have saved over 250 animals, giving them a second chance at life.
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One of our most photogenic feline fosters, Finli O'Tego, of The Dark Tower transport, is shown weighing in at his foster home. He found his fur-ever home at the end of July!

Strut Your Mutt is not just for dogs - or just for dog owners!


It's been an epic kitten season for sure! At one point we had more than 100 cats (when normally 100 animals is a lot for us at once)!


With Covid only amplifying the urgent need for funds to care for every animal that needs us, we are relying on cat and kitten lovers to help too! 

Without Motley Zoo, those mom cats and their entire litters would have been euthanized...babies never even given the chance to open their eyes and see a loving family in front of them.


It's a race to save as many lives as we can, so animals aren't given a premature death sentence.


Run for us, Walk for us, Bike for us, Roll for us: Rock on.

So what is SYM exactly?

Strut Your Mutt is a virtual fun run/walk/ride/roll sponsored nationally by Best Friends- however, ALL PROCEEDS STAY LOCAL & BENEFIT MOTLEY ZOO!


Covid's impact has made this event critical to sustaining our mission.

Strut Your Mutt is sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, but the funds raised are local and go directly to Motley Zoo.


We need to make up for Covid's insurmountable losses: donations are down 50% and daycare revenue is down 80%.  This is an urgent situation.


This is the easiest way you can help us make ends we hope you will engage and participate to the fullest!

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Download the Wooftrax and ResQWalk apps to raise funds for MZ 365 days a year! Start logging- and amplify the effect of- your steps to support MZ!

When: Now - through October 24, 2020!

Choose to create your own fundraising page, or simply donate to Team Motley Zoo!

Check out the paw-some official promo for Strut Your Mutt 2020!

Who will benefit most from Strut Your Mutt?


Without adequate funding in our piggy bank, we wouldn't have been

able to help rescue Mia Farrow, who came to us earlier this year with a
miserable skin condition that required lots of time, care, and the resources to do so.  She is thriving in our foster care, and we hope to find Mia her very own happily-ever-after with a forever family very soon!

Simply put: the animals.

We have set a goal of 100 participants - and if each of those 100 raised $1,000 each, this would turn around the devastation to our mission! 


Since Covid hit, our revenues have plunged, as RST daycare was closed from mid-March until mid-June; and even after reopening, attendance has been dramatically reduced - which means we can't cover care for all of the animals we are asked to save. 


We don't want to have to start saying "no" to saving lives because we don't have the financial means to do so - YOU ARE THE ANSWER!

What kind of fundraiser would it be without PRIZES?!


When you donate to our team, or create your own personal Strut Your Mutt fundraising page benefiting Team Motley Zoo, you will be entered to win super-awesome prizes from our generous rock star friends' businesses and services! 

Thank you so much to all of these amazing supporters!

This list is not yet complete! We will be updating it regularly as more businesses graciously donate prizes...don't miss out on your chance to win! 

Strut Your Mutt: FAQ's

Who benefits from Strut Your Mutt?


Why is Best Friends Animal Society mentioned?

Best Friends Animal Society is the national sponsor of the Strut Your Mutt concept- an "event in a box" designed to help local, grassroots organizations put on a successful event, using a proven model, with coordinational support.

What will Motley Zoo do with the proceeds?

Motley Zoo takes in animals with extreme and expensive cases, with vet bills that average $15,000/ month- however, covid's grip is threatening to hinder our capacity for care! Without your support, we will not be able to save the many animals in dire need who will instead continue to suffer due to abuse, neglect or homeslessness- some will even lose their lives...unless we can be there for them! They depend on YOU!

Do you need to have / walk a dog?

No- it's just a fun name for the event, as many people who do have dogs typically enjoy bringing them along! The event is for anyone who wants to participate via any mode of momentum- walk, run, ride,'s all an option!

Can other pets participate?

Sure, as long as your pet is safe in a stroller, harness or otherwise protected, we encourage you to get out there with your best friends!

How far do do I need to go?

Whether you take the shorter Chiahuahua Cha-Cha 5k, or the longer Mastiff Marathon 10k, whatever distance you cover is fine because you're taking (any) steps to save lives! Just register, rally donations and run- or just donate; really, no pants or shoes are required to participate! You can go the distance from your couch ;)

So... what are you waiting for? 
The animals need you (and so do we!)