Rock Star Services
(Dog daycare & services)

We know your pets are the ultimate rock stars - and why shouldn't they be treated as such?  At Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, we offer V.I.P. services for that special fur-baby in your life!  The best part?  All of our fantastic services directly support our rescue mission!  That means for every day your pup comes to our Rock Star Treatment, for example, the daily fee goes towards the cost of our rescue care - with our vet bills averaging a whopping $15,000 / month, it's crucial to have these funds in our piggy bank so we won't have to say "No" to the next needy animal who makes their way to us.  

We've got you covered - from dog daycare, to dog training, to group classes, to boarding - all run by first-class trainers!  Our charity-run dog daycare is the first of its kind in the country; literally, nowhere else will your pups get this kind of V.I.P. treatment that simultaneously rocks rescue!  Rock on, Rescue on!  

Rock star Treatment Dog Daycare

When life gets hectic and your dog needs a little extra "me" time for socializing and fun, let us help you - and you help us save lives at the same time!  Win-win!  Proceeds from our daycare and services help us fundraiser for our rescue mission - rock on!

Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare and Training is a service of Motley Zoo designed to help our local community and adopted pets. This service is open to the public- to help socialize your pup, give it the exercise it needs and to work with our talented trainers. Proceeds from our dog daycare and training services help to fund our rescue efforts at Motley Zoo.

We will not only be serving our rescues with expanded opportunities, but we will now be able to serve our adopters and the public as well with continued training. This new service based concept will not only allow us to continue to help serve pets and people better, but will also help us bring in much needed revenue so our rescue program can expand and advance. Rather than hosting a black tie event or other such “big” annual thing, we decided that everyday can be a fundraiser for Motley Zoo - and serve the dual purpose of added socialization, training, and fun!

  • Stay out of the rain – Rock Star Treatment is an all indoor
    daycare facility located in downtown Redmond.

  • Our rockin' staff will keep your pets safe and entertained
    with supervised playtime.

  • Plenty of fun for dogs of all sizes, ages and energy levels
    with multiple rooms to fit your pet's personality.

  • Our playrooms have rubber padded floors that are soft
    on joints and paws while playing

  • Lots of fresh water to keep your little rock stars
    going strong.

  • Private and comfortable accommodations for rest periods.

  • Work with a variety of experienced trainers and find the
    perfect style for your family.

  • Indoor potty stations with grass (to help keep your dog
    from getting confused about going inside!) has a
    sterilizing steam vacuum system for keeping the building
    and your pets clean / safe. 

If you’re interested in volunteering at our facility please fill out
our volunteer online application.

dog daycare pups

Melvin is seen photobombing Scooter during a  playtime session in the Little Dogs' Room.

A day in the life of a rock star looks like this:

  • 8:00am - 9:30am - Check-in, Getting to Sniff You!

  • 9:30am - Noon - Rock Out Playtime!

  • Noon - 2:00pm - Crash Out At My Pad
    - lunch is served in the Lounge

  • 2:00pm - 4:00pm - Turning it up to Eleven playtime!

  • 4:00pm - 7:00pm - Checkout & Chillin'

Your pup gets a FREE DAY of daycare for their birthday each year. 
Party like a rock star!
Rock star University

Rock Star University (RSU) is training for your pet while you work! All classes are run by an approved and skilled trainer.


Training is one-on-one direct training with your dog, play time and rest time. All of this will be split up throughout the day. This is more tiring than just daycare, as your dog is using both mental and physical energy.


RSU 101 - 8 sessions for $600.

We will teach all the basics for a well-mannered dog: 

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Lay down

  • Place

  • Loose leash walking

  • Off

  • Leave it

  • Training will include light to moderate distractions.


RSU 101 also includes play time, where your pet learns to

play nice and to socialize well with a variety of other dogs.


RSU 102 - 10 sessions for $750.

Your pet must have passed RSU 101 classes or be approved

by a trainer to be in the102 classes. 


In RSU 102, we will work on perfecting the basics, along with high distractions and using a long lead, so that your pet learns to perform commands from a distance. 


There will also be plenty of play time with other dogs, to continue working on social skills.

RST HappyPup.jpg