I Dare You & Lyn-Z Way:

The Heartwarming tale

of puppy love

Give to celebrate the love story of foster duo I Dare You & Lyn-Z Way!

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Above photos courtesy of Dirtie Dog Photography

I Dare You

“I Dare You” (aka: Groot) has been subletting a room in the Motley Zoo foster pad for the past 2+ years. He was an itsy-bitsy little baby with a cleft palate (that a slew of our most generous donors helped to fix!), who we’ve watched grow into the most happy-faced, joyful and loveable pup you ever will meet.


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I Dare You (aka Groot) - Foster Pup in Love
Lyn-Z Way - Foster Pup in Love

Lyn-Z Way

When new roomie, Lyn-Z Way, moved in last year, it was love at first sight (for Groot), and love at first smell for Lyn-Z because, well, she’s blind!  Groot, ever the charmer, was eager to demonstrate his undying love for this pretty girl by showing her around her new home, helping her feel secure amongst so many unknown sounds and smells. 

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Lyn-Z returned Groot’s love in kind by being his loyal playmate and snuggle buddy while their other friends and roommates were coming and going, as housemates often do. 

As they watched all of their friends move out and on to new homes during quarantine, Groot and Lyn-Z decided that they truly wanted to be together forever. As of late, they’ve been thinking that it’s more than time for a place of their own. 

They’ve been dreaming of some new sights, sounds and smells... a place to decorate how they want, with space to dig a new garden and all that jazz!

Lyn-Z Way & I Dare You - Foster Pups in Love

New Year, Big Changes!

Along with all of these big, grand plans, Groot and Lyn-Z have decided to make another radical and exciting change: NEW NAMES. What?!?!

YES - you read that right!! And they need YOU to help them reinvent themselves!

Motley Zoo is looking for YOUR ideas as to what these sweethearts should be (re)named.  In the spirit of Valentine's Day, puppy love AND our 12 year anniversary (which so happens to be on February 23rd) we’re inviting anyone who donates $12 (or more!) to submit a “couple-themed” pair of names.  This will help to give these pups a fresh new start to their new year as they search for a permanent place to call home.  Additionally, you'll be entered to win one of our limited edition puppy love t-shirts from our store, MZ Behind The Seamz!  How cool is that?!

The Lowdown (all the pertinent details)

DEADLINE for ENTRY: Friday, February 12th at 12 noon (PST).


BONUS: If you donate by Friday, February 5th , you’ll be mailed a cute, unique valentine made by one of the sweethearts in our Motley Zoo Kids Crew! 

LUCK OF THE DRAW: Groot will pick the “winning” entry on Facebook LIVE on Friday, February 12th at 7pm (PST)

Please include your “couples-themed” pair of names AND be sure to fill out your snail mail address during the donation process to receive your very-own valentine in your mailbox!!  You'll be prompted to enter your pair of names suggestion as well!

Spread puppy love in honor of our rockin' anniversary and Valentine's Day. As always, we couldn't do what we do without you - and we're super-stoked to see what fun names you all suggest!  Rock on, rescue on!

Motley Zoo is celebrating its 12th anniversary of saving animal lives!
Lyn-Z Way & I Dare You - Foster Pups in Love