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Motley Zoo has been saving lives with
your help for FIFTEEN years!

Give the gift that matters -
and enter to win some MZ swag!

Our animals need $15,000/mo in recurring donations by February 23, 2024!

Everyone who starts a new, recurring donation of $15+/month, or upgrades their recurring donation of $15+/month will be entered to win Motley Zoo gear!


Current recurring donors of $15+ will receive one entry for every multiple of $15 the donation totals. Ex: a donation of $40/ mo would only be two entries. If upgraded to $45, that would be 3.


If you choose to upgrade your donation at all  (even if not to a multiple of 15) you receive an entry. Ex: $25/month upgraded to $30, is one entry.


Every person with referrals will get an additional entry for each referral (and the new person who was referred gets an entry too).


Be sure to tell your friends to ADD YOUR NAME to the tribute notes or we can't track your effort. Ex: Joe starts a donation of $15/ month and refers 3 people who do the same. Joe gets one entry for his donation and 3 for his friends. Each of those friends receives an entry also for starting a recurring donation of $15+.


The person with the most referrals by Feb 23, will automatically win an Motley Zoo gift pack & other prizes- and will still be eligible for the rest of the drawings this year!


All entries will be in the running for the remaining monthly drawings for the entire year- unless or until you cancel your donation.


In lieu of direct selection of design, winners can request a gift card be e-mailed/ sent to another person as a gift. We believe it's a good idea to share the love!


For any questions about this contest please email

Come pawty with us at Postdoc Brewing in Redmond on February 24th - where they will unveil the next Motley Zoo brew!!

We're gonna party like it's 2009 (you know, the year of our inception)! Details to come. If you've never had a cold one from Postdoc, you're in for a treat!  


Save the date - we can't wait to see everyone! 

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